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  1. BearNaked

    Do Cold Bores Count On Groups?

    I took it all the way to 45.4 and did some more testing at 45 grs (3075fps) which seemed to be the most stable (ES/SD wise). However, I would not come close to this as it only took 3 firings to have brass failure. I backed down to the next accuracy node and haven't had any issues with it yet.
  2. BearNaked

    Do Cold Bores Count On Groups?

    I should start tracking the cold bore shot more, only reason is that cold bore shots don't seem to matter when you have 10 shots a stage and you confirmed zero earlier on which eliminating the true cold bore. one of the things that I do to try to minimalize cold shooter is work on some dry...
  3. BearNaked

    Do Cold Bores Count On Groups?

    I am using 43.7 grs of RL-17. I have ran it all the way up to 3075 but I couldn't seat the bullet far enough with the VLD's to get the accuracy I wanted. so I backed it down with ELD-X and these seem to be a great load for me. I use a magnetospeed for the chrono. it matches what I shoot out to...
  4. BearNaked

    Do Cold Bores Count On Groups?

    Just curious if yall think cold bores count on groups? Either way, I am very pleased with this grouping. Here is the measurement with my cold bore shot. 5 shots total. here it is without the cold bore shot. 4 shots total. 260 remington savage model 10 action 26" shillen barrel 143 gr...
  5. BearNaked

    What’s the best AI mag extension?

    Ive heard great things about the area 419 mag extensions.
  6. BearNaked

    Muzzle Breaks what are you using and what is you barrel contour?

    Im running a YHM muzzle brake on my 260 so my can will attach to it or I can run no can. either way im covered.
  7. BearNaked

    The view does not suck..

    Here was this past weekend at a friends lake house. We were living it rough.
  8. BearNaked

    Everything That's Wrong With the NBA In One Play

    The way hockey is in the minor league's these days is more Euorpe style and they try really hard to stop the fighting. Which to me is the main reason for going. I grew up watching the san Antonio Iguanas and now its the rampage. last Rampage game I went to was only one fight. the old Iguanas...
  9. BearNaked

    Bradley Manning Twitter...WTF

    I loved the comment: "standing on the ledge, youre a democrat politician. jumping off the ledge, youre a life long democratic voter."
  10. BearNaked

    Everything That's Wrong With the NBA In One Play

    Quality of life? If you live such of a shitty life that you need sports to make your life happy then maybe you should be re-evaluating your life choices. I don't watch sports for the sole reason that I have many other things in life that provide far greater enjoyment then a bunch of over paid...
  11. BearNaked

    questions about barrel contour

    Here is a good image for you to see. im a visual learner so hopefully it helps. In actuality, I had these 2 terms mixed up. I thought being accurate was top right while Precision was bottom right. Learn something new everyday.
  12. BearNaked

    Other guns that will fit a Savage 10 stock?

    Hmmmm, never had much of a headache with my savage build except for the aftermarket barrel that Shillen messed up. So I wouldn't bother with that guys comments. Savages are good rifles. Some people just cant accept that fact. Anyway, CDI will inlet the stock for free if you buy one of their...
  13. BearNaked

    wind reading downrange

    ok so I have my wind where I am at and my scope is focused at 600 yards for mirage, are yall making the shot on the target with it being out of focus? Never tried it this way but will give it a go next time my range opens back up.
  14. BearNaked

    'The Hogg' gets one right.

  15. BearNaked

    'The Hogg' gets one right.

    It's all about intentions. Hogg wants us to not say their names just so they can continue to say it is a guns fault. They have to blame something so we should stop talking about the people that are the problem and instead direct every minute of TV time to hate on guns. I don't think we need...
  16. BearNaked

    wind reading downrange

    Maybe I am dumber about this than I thought. I guess going off of the direction the hair on my ass is moving isn't quite good enough. So I would use the parallax adjustment to focus on a certain distance, lets say 700, and watch mirage at 700 while looking at 1000 or while looking at 700...
  17. BearNaked

    Please school me on QUICK wind reading (match skillz)

    I laughed entirely too hard at this.
  18. BearNaked

    wind reading downrange

    ok so here is a head scratcher that I have been working on. When you see mirage, is that mirage at 15 yards from you? 100 yards? 300? 600? 1000? how do I know that the actual mirage I am looking at is at a certain distance and is it equal to what is happening at the target? some places I have...
  19. BearNaked

    Loaded bipod/free recoil

    It would be cruel but hilarious.
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