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  1. lash

    Back up - Remington 700 Trued Action with PTG Fitted Bolt

    PM replied. Thanks for looking.
  2. lash

    Back up - Remington 700 Trued Action with PTG Fitted Bolt

    Okay, so I'm going to try this one more time. This is a good action with all of the stuff you usually do to an R700 action. It includes the M16 extractor that you get when you add a PTG bolt. I'll be happy to discuss things with you by PM or phone, but I should be clear that only a post in this...
  3. lash

    No Charge - FYE

    Somehow, I missed this post. The neat thing about statistical probability is that when things are done in quantities of thousands over time, and given the potential variables involved with a person and hand loading, chances are that this will occur in a shooters lifetime. Take a look sometime at...
  4. lash

    My .224 Valkyrie Rifle - Bison Armory 24"

    Nice looking rifle!
  5. lash

    Shooting as a stress reliever

    We get quite a few people from the medical profession that come and shoot at our range.
  6. lash

    Shooting as a stress reliever

    They are different though. One is more about getting lost in the focus and control and the other is more of a zen thing, being a part of something as amazing and beautiful as the outdoors and focusing on the hunt. At least to me it's that way.
  7. lash

    US Army takes some cues from the Marines....

    The increased physical fitness standards will align with ones required of soldiers in the force. That means recruits must score 60 points — determined by a soldier’s age and gender —
  8. lash

    Tikka T3 Thread

    As much as I prefer a much fuller and more verticals handle on my match rifle, especially for the longish shots, I still prefer a swept handle for a hunting rifle. Habit probably.
  9. lash

    My JP Valkyrie Shipped!

    I also know what barrel I'm waiting for. It's due in about two weeks. I still have to get most of the pieces to complete it, but that's a minor detail...
  10. lash

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    From my perspective, this whole delay was a careful plan to support the firearms industry. (Totally joking about in case anyone is wont to take it otherwise) But seriously, I'm starting a slow build on a .224 Valkyrie due to the delay. And I mean, it is a slow build. Even so, I believe I may...
  11. lash

    The Cancer of California Spears to the entire US

    Most of you already know that this is just another way for the Dems to regain permanent control of the electoral college. Two new states, each with a heavy urban population to control the state vote outcome and add new dem senators and house reps to the mix. This is NOT a good thing for the...
  12. lash

    Long range courses in South Florida?

    I am not in South Florida, I'm in Central Florida. Sporterii is in SF though.
  13. lash

    so... is the 224 Valkyrie worth it?

    No, I do not. But from memory alone and guessing, I'd say about 20". It wasn't extraordinarily long. In all honesty, he surprised himself with those hits as well. We were out shooting at distance and he put his 6.5 Creedmoor away since he was having trouble with it. I think that we were at 1200...
  14. lash

    so... is the 224 Valkyrie worth it?

    It was at steel. They were nice clean impacts with round center surrounded by the normal halo of splash. Not sideways hits. We all watched the impacts as they happened on live feed from the camera. I even had a picture of that screenshot that I forwarded to the shooter's email that evening.
  15. lash

    so... is the 224 Valkyrie worth it?

    While I don't disagree with the Grendel comments above, a few of us watched as one of the guys down here put three shots into roughly 4-1/2" at 1400 yards using a Grendel AR and factory Hornady match ammo, while the rest of us were using .338 LM, .375 CT and one 6.5 Creed. It was quite the sight...
  16. lash

    No Charge - FYE

    Yes. Two reasons. One has to do with my very limited space available, meaning I don't have room to do the charging where my press is set up. Secondly, by doing batch runs for every step, I ensure that everything is done exactly the same for every round. I don't pretend that this is the only way...
  17. lash

    No Charge - FYE

    You wouldn't be the first one to do that, nor will you be the last. A few months back, we were practicing at the 1000 tower and one of the guys showed me a round that had a nice FP strike in the primer, but it did not fire. I shook the round and heard no powder movement. I asked him if he...
  18. lash

    Kowa TSN-883/884 25-60x88 Spotting Scope

    This is quite true. My 30+ year old TSN-2 has been responsible for at least two 880 series sales just locally to me. People use mine for a bit during one of our matches or at one of our LR practices and are blown away. I only leave the 20X Wide eyepiece on there as the 30-60 zoom usually...
  19. lash

    Scar 17 for PRS?

    Locally here, we had a competitor who took his Scar, that he does well with in 3-gun, and shot some matches with us to see if he liked shooting long range. After a relatively short time, he built a purpose-built bolt for the LR matches. The .308 could not carry it's weight out of the short...
  20. lash

    .224 Valkyrie

    Duly noted. Thanks.
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