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  1. TNVC_Augee

    kinda odd an/peq 2a

    It’s an RFID tag—some military units use them for inventory control, I’m assuming since you said it was a legit agency unit, it probably came from 1033 or a similar program to roll over military equipment for LE use. ~Augee
  2. TNVC_Augee

    Favorite Lightweight Stock with Good Cheek Weld?

    Yup, the RISR is a good addition to the CTR if you need some more height, I didn't mention it because the OP said he was looking for comfort, but not for a raised comb--depending on the rifle and your individual body geometry, the RISR may require taller rings/optic mount. ~Augee
  3. TNVC_Augee

    How to sell suppressor from person to person

    The above is correct assuming you are residents of the same state. However, if your friend lives out of state, then it will need to go through a dealer. ~Augee
  4. TNVC_Augee

    Favorite AR trigger

    Geissele _____, depending on application with the "Geissele Curve" trigger bow if an option. ~Augee
  5. TNVC_Augee

    Favorite Lightweight Stock with Good Cheek Weld?

    If you're wanting a lightweight and collapsible option, I'd be tempted to simply recommend a CTR, maybe with a trimmed Kick-Eez foam cheek pad, depending on how far out you usually run your stock/cheekweld, so you can have that foam padding. I know the "lightweight" fad has produced all sorts...
  6. TNVC_Augee

    What is an acceptable FOM range for gen3 pvs14?

    Generally speaking, depending what size and which "zone" the blem is in, most people generally stop noticing them once they stop being fixated on the blem, and look "through" the NVD at the target, a lot of guys will get their new NVD and power it up and aim it at a white wall and notice a spot...
  7. TNVC_Augee

    Full Auto NV choice?

    For maximum fun, I would vote dual tubes and ATPIAL-C. IMHO, the ATPIAL is the better designed of the common laser aiming module options (minus, of course the MAWL-C1+, which might be a little overkill for this specific application) unless you need a little more function out of the illuminator...
  8. TNVC_Augee

    TNVC Night Fighter Level 1 and Armed Professional Class Dates Announced!

    New class dates announced for TNVC's Night Fighter Level 1 (Open Enrollment) and Armed Professional Advanced Night Vision Training classes at the Alliance Shooting Facility in Alliance, Ohio. Visit the links below to sign up! TNVC Night Fighter Level 1--Open Enrollment, 21-22 July 2018 TNVC...
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    Please help with clip-on optic

    The 1-4x is generally going to be more versatile for you, especially at your stated ranges--the clip-on is one issue, without knowing exactly which you plan to use, some Gen. 2 clip-ons may start to struggle at 5x anyways, but assuming you're looking at a clip-on so you can use your optic during...
  10. TNVC_Augee

    New Member and New TNVC Staff Member

    Hello folks, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm both a new member here from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area, and the new Programs Manager for Tactical Night Vision Company. I'm happy to be joining the Sniper's Hide community, and I look forward to connecting with the members here, and...
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