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  1. diverdon

    The Value of Dry Fire

    He is an idiot! Dry fire with proper mental and body mechanics will continue to improve your shooting. Upgrade your instructor and keep your work ethic.
  2. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    Ahem, well they will not say that they are unhappy unless they want several people putting words in their mouth and being unhappy that anyone dare impune their sacred cow.
  3. diverdon

    Why do my 5 shot groups look like this

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is to wonder if your Pic rail could be loose? Or something that mounts the scope to the rifle.
  4. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    Ya all feel free to go ahead and worship their mystical unobtainum, for me the next precision barrel I need will be either a prefit from PVA or a Bartlien. In either case in sure the threads will be correct and the price will be less.
  5. diverdon

    Machine Shop Owners

    What would you bring to the deal if there were?
  6. diverdon

    The sign does say "Space Command."

    Thank you for saying that so well.
  7. diverdon

    Trump Nukes NK summit...

    Trump is ready for a deal to benefit America, a con job, not so much.
  8. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    I don't recall "completly writing them off" The OP ask about the barrel and I told him truthfully that mine had a problem with the thread for the muzzle brake. When did it come about that inquiries for info on a product could only be answered if all you had was praise for the product?
  9. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    I'm sorry if I gave that impression. I was able to borrow a die from by brother and shave a bit of metal off the threads that were malformed and subsequently installed the MB. I did not contact them with the complaint. I did not spend any money to fix the problem, but the time to fix it did cost...
  10. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    I ask people who make a living selling high end products at a high price point, to check their shit before they send it out. There is no reason I should have to fix their mistakes, I already paid for it to be right.
  11. diverdon

    The view does not suck..

    I opened the thread to argue with you. It turned out that you are correct. In my defence some commie counts have a tv show called "the view."
  12. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    If it were mine it would mean that to me, yes. At the price point the threads should be correct.
  13. diverdon

    Just another Active school shooter

  14. diverdon

    Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrels

    They buggered up the muzzle brake thread on my prefit AX. If they can screw up something as simple as that I don't see why to trust them with anything else.
  15. diverdon

    There can be only one.

  16. diverdon

    There can be only one.

    You must have missed several of the important shows. It does not matter who or how the head is removed they are dead. If no other immortal is in range then their essence is lost.
  17. diverdon

    Glock glitch: Local police officer’s accidental shooting blamed on gun

    I think it most likely that you are correct, but I doubt that the office really knows what happened, either way. Had it been me I think the unexpected discharge would have erased 10 seconds of memory that would then have had to be reconstructed out of supposition and speculation.
  18. diverdon

    America's aircraft carrier fleet

    The last navy pilot I spoke with said that the last ship he flew off lacked any tanker air to air refueling ability. With out that the Tomcat would never have been able to do its job, and without that ability neither will the F18 or the upcoming stealth.
  19. diverdon

    America's aircraft carrier fleet

    If you have current knowledge about a replacement for the S-3 that can fill the asw roll then I am delighted to be lacking in current knowledge. Yes the roll of the carrier changed, but now watching China's ambitions in the South China Sea, I think we best get ready to change it back.
  20. diverdon

    America's aircraft carrier fleet

    The company that owned the Titanic declared her unsinkable. This is just some blowhard journalist.
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