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  1. DXT_Shooter

    WTS: Area 419 Hellfire 6.5

    Good deal not surprised it only lasted 2 minutes.
  2. DXT_Shooter

    SOLD BNIB Vudoo V22 Barreled action

    Someone in the Rimfire sales section is looking for a Vudoo BA you may want to PM him.
  3. DXT_Shooter


    Someone is selling a BA in the Firearms section
  4. DXT_Shooter

    Rimfire Rifle Photos Thread

    Very nice....congrats 👍🏻
  5. DXT_Shooter

    Tikka T3 Thread

    Very nice 😍 I am debating on SS vs Blued CTR and I have the same chassis and like the looks of your set up 👍🏻
  6. DXT_Shooter

    CZ455 bolt threading

    According to some posts this is his email Samuel Syck is his name.
  7. DXT_Shooter

    tikka t3x ctr 6.5 20 inch stainless ring heights...

    I am interested as well I will be buying a CTR and using the rail that comes with it as well. I can tell you that I have the Vortex Precision Matched rings on my .22 Trainer and they are awesome...a bit pricy and I think Seekins makes them for them. Someone has a set in optics or accessories...
  8. DXT_Shooter

    CZ455 bolt threading

    There’s a guy on Facebook called “The Polished Knob” that will thread your bolt if you send it to him but it has to be the solid ball version.
  9. DXT_Shooter

    Some 22 LR Trajectory Charts

    I like the way you printed this chart...I need one of these what did you use to make it?
  10. DXT_Shooter

    CZ 455 "Tacticool" or wait for Tikka T1x

    What Skok3y said ^^^ I was luck and found a Manners but it was more expensive and I should have just bought the VPT which is essentially what I have now. I use the stock 16.5” barrel and it is accurate and I may eventually get a Lilja but for now I can split playing cards, hit Match stick and...
  11. DXT_Shooter

    Tall Tales From Shooting .22 LR That Are Hard to Believe

    Awesome sounds like a good time was had by all 👍🏻
  12. DXT_Shooter

    New bling from KRG

    I read it somewhere they were considering it. They make the x-ray for the CZ455 so why not the Bravo 🤔
  13. DXT_Shooter

    How much magnification

    I really like it a lot and I am glad I bought it. They are a lot less expensive there is a guy selling one on classifieds for $700 but it has the fine crosshairs.
  14. DXT_Shooter

    How much magnification

    I have the MOA 2
  15. DXT_Shooter

    Delta Optics Stryker 4.5-30 x56 on it’s way

    Congrats looks awesome 👍🏻
  16. DXT_Shooter

    CZ455-Manners, Lilja, timney,badger, 419

    Can you tell me where you got the Lilja barrel from? I thought they only had SS available and I would like one like you had on this CZ455. Thanks
  17. DXT_Shooter

    WTB CZ 455 action

    There is someone selling an action on Rimfire Central under parts let me know if you need the link.
  18. DXT_Shooter

    Cz factory .17HMR barrel quality and alternate options

    The .17 barrels come up often on eBay and usually are around $150.
  19. DXT_Shooter


    I went halibut fishing in Cook Inlet and never been so seasick in my was about the same size boat in your photo but it felt like we were in a 14’ Aluminum. The swells were like 4 feet we did get our limit and they were yummy 🤤. I don’t know that I would go again unless I had a...
  20. DXT_Shooter

    Arizona Archery Coues

    Wow very nice animals especially with a bow 👍🏻
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