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    Kydex holsters and mag holders

    These guys are the real deal!! Excellent coms, great product!! Highly recommend.
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    WTS: NIB Nighthawk 1911 T3 .45 ACP Blackout

    Bump for a fine looking pistol!
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    Cz 452 custom match tactical trainer!

    I thought that ment he was gonna build full time😃
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    M1A Replacement stock

    Thank you gentlemen I appreciate the excellent information!!
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    WTB Looking for old, Ithaca Model 49 single shot 22

    One on gunbroker for $195 cheapest I’ve seen
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    M1A Replacement stock

    I think it was a few years back I read and article about a replacement chassis style stock that was was really helping the accuracy of stock M1A’s. Anybody have the name of the stock and any first had experience with it?
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    Cz 452 custom match tactical trainer!

    Good ol’ boy here. Deal with confidence.
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    WTB trainer rifle

    Good lookin piece Night!
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    WTB-Larue 30mm mount

    Found one. Thanks for the replies.
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    Wind flag!

    I’m not sure they do me any good!😃
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    Custom leatherwork for trade.

    I have bought a lot of stuff off this site. Every transaction but two were smooth as silk. Got one guy that may have a medical issue, if so, he can have the barrel I sent. I can live without the leather. But it’s sorry to screw over a Fellow member.
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    WTB-Larue 30mm mount

    May consider it. Kinda thought about a LT-120.
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    WTB-Larue 30mm mount

    Hey anybody got the 1 piece variety they want to sale? Thanks
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    Larue OBR Pre-Xtran 7.62

    Dam good shooting!!
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