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  1. J

    Withdrawn - Vortex PST GenII 2-10x32 - FFP - EBR-4 MIL - $799...

    How did you like that scope? How far out do you shoot with 10x?
  2. J

    BSA Midway Special 4-14x44 mil/mil TMD reticle FFP new in box

    Thank you sir I actually like that reticle alot. Looks like the same tube that Primary Arms and Athlon use. How are the turrets? I know we are talking about a cheap scope, I'm on the fence on this one. does it have any strange quirks function wise?
  3. J

    BSA Midway Special 4-14x44 mil/mil TMD reticle FFP new in box

    Can you post a pic or two of the reticle? I see the one on midway but always nice to see an actual picture.
  4. J

    questions about barrel contour

    OK no one has really told me why I would lose precision because of an a2 barrel. I assumed a good barrel will not string after heat and a low quality one will string. Nothing to do with profile, at least according to that video frank did with the guys at Bartlien awhile ago.
  5. J

    WTB A2 stock kit

    If anyone has a full A2 stock kit with all the parts and buffer tube let me know. May just get a new one but if anyone happens to have one laying around let me know.
  6. J

    WTB complete AR15 lower with rifle length tube or A2 stock

    Just looking for a complete lower, nothing special Aero or PSA maybe. Want rifle length buffer for A2 stock or one with an A2 already.
  7. J

    questions about barrel contour

    I agree with everything you said lol. I was thinking the same things when I watched it. Yeah a lot of their videos are pretty basic AR15 tacticool noob style but non the less. Better to have some videos like this than not at all, one of the upsides of the digital age. I like their vids on the...
  8. J

    Primary Arms Platinum 1-8 CQB-Mil

    It is a little busy but I like it. I have one of the original Rgrid 4x14s and I love it for the money. The other reticle in the 6x30x50 scopes is the Athena mil, that thing looks pretty great too. Good luck with the sale, I'd pick it up but don't have the funds right now.
  9. J

    New guy here, Savage 10 .308

    Would there be a way to polish the chamber somehow? Give it a tiny bit more "room"?
  10. J

    questions about barrel contour

    Those look like bolt gun barrels, this is gonna be a 18" AR
  11. J

    questions about barrel contour

    Here is the upper, went ahead and bought it for 359$ couldn't pass it up, if the barrel isn't up to snuff I'll replace it later but lots of reviews saying it shoots great. Almost looks like it's not an A2, PSA being what it is, all the details on the listing might not be 100% accurate.
  12. J

    questions about barrel contour

    Here is a pretty good video about accuracy vs. precision. This channel is awesome, ex Army SF guy.
  13. J

    Viper Gen II 2.5x10x32 ffp

    Anybody have any experience with one of these? Thinking about one for an 18" dmr/spr. I like the reticle, my main thing is having an objective smaller than 40mm, 2.5x10 is a good mag range but a little more top end wouldnot hurt either but I can't seem to find anything above 10x with an obj...
  14. J

    Primary Arms Platinum 1-8 CQB-Mil

    Man I want one of these but they have a new reticle coming out, the griffin mil ffp. It's a gridded reticle similar to the h27d in the mk8. How do you like the reticle in your scope and how is the glass?
  15. J


    That is such a SWEET rifle and I'm in Ohio but just don't have the funds :(
  16. J

    Classic KAC rail covers

    Does anyone know if they make these rail covers that attach directly to mlok? I have an mlok for end and love the feel/look of these rail covers for the rear portion of the forearm but it seems stupid to buy 4 pica tinny mlok rails just to put the covers on them. Anybody know of some KAC rip off...
  17. J

    questions about barrel contour

    How would accuracy be effected by barrel profile? Just curious.
  18. J

    questions about barrel contour

    I don't really care about weight, most of the shooting will be off a bipod but I will use it for other stuff aswell. It's just a great deal complete upper with charging handle and nickel boron BCG for 359$ I was more wondering about the barrel heating up, and the twist rate handling 55gr stuff...
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