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    Robert Graduous made my AIAX 6mm Dasher a dream come true

    Robert Graduous is an absolute genius when it comes to mastering rifle builds, I’ve used many gunsmiths for builds and AIAX barrels; but, he is king when it comes to chambering an accurate barrel. I’ve been shooting his barrels before the reigning PRS champ was using him to spin up dasher...
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    Smooth AICS Speed Mag Loader works great for 6BR and 6 Dasher

    I recently acquired an AICS mag loader from a forum member many of us shoot 6 Dasher, and using AICS mags is great for shooting; but, sucks for loading those short cartridges, I've torn my trigger finger open at the base of my...
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    Shadow0341 good to go

    Good guy quick communications and shipping!
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    Looking to buy a defiance certificate to try out a deviant tactical elite ($1350) multiple 100% certs have sold for $1000 On this forum (search function will prove it too) so I will buy one for that price. I may consider a 50% cert but I’m not going to pay $500 for one as I’m going to still have...
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    Looking to buy a defiance certificate to try out a deviant tactical elite ($1350) multiple 100% certs have sold for $1000 On this forum (search function will prove it too) so I will buy one for that price. I may consider a 50% cert but I’m not going to pay $500 for one as I’m going to still...
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    Sold pending funds

    Selling same lot 142 smk 6.5mm bullets these are the newer version that come pointed from the factory with the higher BC. 9 sealed boxes of 100 (5 spf, 2 sold, 2 spf). $33 per box plus shipping. 1 open box 85 count $27 plus shipping sold pending funds Buy all of them and I’ll pay shipping...
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    Selling these cheap. One sealed box of 500 and one open box 443 count. sealed box is SOLD PEnding funds Open box is sold pending funds to bigdaddy0381 $135 shipped for the open If bought separately those Will Ship in a padded flat rate envelope. If you buy both I’ll ship in a medium flat...
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    Sold pending funds

    Selling a good condition usoptics Er 25 scope with the h59 reticle it includes aadland caps which are $100 normally. Has very light ring marks which will not be noticeable once mounted. There is a small surface scratch pictured on the tube right by the mag ring. FYI around the objective lens...
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    468shot is good to go

    468shot is good to go! Bought a high end stock, he ships fast communication is excellent! I would deal with him again.
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    WTS- Accuracy International Post 2014 AX SA Rem 700 chassis $950 shipped!

    This is a post 2014 chassis short actio for a rem700 action. I bought off the forums here about 1.5 yrs ago or so and have never used it. It was originally a green black one and the previous owner bought this and had it cerakoted FDE. He also modified the trigger guard to easily access the mag...
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    Selling an excellent condition spuhr ultra short mount spuhr 4036, comes with the box and wedge. Barely used per previous owner. I never used it. I ended up not keeping my Schmidt ultra short so no point in keeping this around. $350 shipped obo First I’ll take it wins! NO TRADES! Paypal fam...
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    This is a Nightforce ATACR 5-25 F1 with the h59 reticle, it is absolutely brand new. Box is open; but, that’s it. Never mounted never used. Comes with everything from the factory. Model C547 These sell used for $2500-2600. In fact a used tremor 3 just sold for $2550 shipped. This is being sold...
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    Sold pending funds

    I have a like new spuhr 5001, never used. There is NO evidence of mounting or even tool marks on the screws... none; but, it’s not brand new. Just like new. Perfect for Leupold scopes with a 35mm tube. Comes as shown no box or wedge or screws. $325 —> $300 shipped NO Trades Paypal fam friends...
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    Looking for an eratac Schmidt bender ultra short mount, I just missed out on one for $225, looking to pay similar.
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    Never mounted never shot, only put defender caps on it. New. Vortex model 42706. Not much to say. $2000 shipped I’m on the good guy list multiple times over selling $4k items. Paypal fam friends or regular and you pay the fee or usps money order. No trades... NO TRADES... NO TRADES
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    WTS- LRA Send-it electronic level like new PRICE DROP

    Selling a barely used send-it electronic level made by LRA this is the $230 version I have two and only need one so this goes. I find them very useful. This one has been zeroed at home and went to the range on a backup rifle once to verify dope. $200 —>$175...
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    Selling a very good condition Larue LT112 PSR 34mm QD Mount, it has little to no cosmetic imperfections (see pics). These are never on sale btw and have been tried and true tested in regards to return to zero. Please see link for the entire specs...
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    I have a brand new Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25 tremor3 reticle... it’s been unsealed and handled by me, not a single issue or imperfection. Never mounted nothing. I’m just finding more and more I’m not a tremor 3 reticle fan. Glass is awesome and I really like the turret, I actually think it’s crisper...
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    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    While not the sexiest of cartridges, regular 223 and 308 can still place well in tactical competitions. Just ask Tim Milkovich who used a REGULAR 223 using 1x fired lake city brass and Nosler 85 rdf bullets going 2925 fps at the bushnell brawl (he did not reclaim his brass). I think his 3rd...
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    Calamjn is good to go

    Bought a high end scope from him, deal with confidence he’s a good guy. Fast shipper and communication is on par with the best!
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