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  1. Pinmaster

    6mm Creed at distance in the wind.

    Nice shooting I went 6mmC a week or two ago. Only one range trip in and I'm really liking the results (came from .308). My rifle really likes the ELD-M's too. I've loaded some ELD 108's up but the factory ammo may be hard to beat. Out to 1250 it was smooth sailing in a pretty good wind.
  2. Pinmaster

    AI AT headspace?

    I found my way here after checking the HS on my AI AE (original barrel). It passed the go , but failed the nogo easily. However, it will not budge at on a field. I removed the extractor plunger but not the ejector. I reload so should I be concerned that it eats a nogo?
  3. Pinmaster

    , charge master insert, magpul stock pad.

    What does hte chargemaster insert do? Dose it help with a load being .1 or .02 over? IF so I want it
  4. Pinmaster

    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    Range 16 goes out to 800, correct? My 10x started life as a mildot and was converted to TMR
  5. Pinmaster

    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    Alan Brown said that the MK13's left the shop with Mk4 10x's on them, they only have 90MOA of travel. I'm torn on which to use, I have a 1995 Mk4 10x and a Mil-Spec Nightforce that I purchased from an ex Seal.
  6. Pinmaster


    I will take it...
  7. Pinmaster

    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    That is BADASS! Congrats Sirh So you went with the Leupold 16x?
  8. Pinmaster

    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    Awesome news sirhr
  9. Pinmaster

    Price drop $2,100 Schmidt & Bender PMII 4-16X50 MOA P3L DT

    Bump Will tade for other scopes up or down
  10. Pinmaster

    Price drop $2,100 Schmidt & Bender PMII 4-16X50 MOA P3L DT

    Trade fell through. Back up for sale or trade
  11. Pinmaster

    Widowmaker300 is GTG

    Smooth dealings with Widowmaker300
  12. Pinmaster

    Price drop $2,100 Schmidt & Bender PMII 4-16X50 MOA P3L DT

    S&B PMII 4-16X50 1/4 MOA dual twist turrets, illuminated. I do have the box and the scope is in good condition. $2,400 dropped0 $2,200 now $2,100 shipped PayPal or USPS MO
  13. Pinmaster

    Shooting glasses?

    I went with ESS for their protection ratings. It is just a bonus that I do not get any blur and they are more comfortable that other brands that I have worn in the past.
  14. Pinmaster

    Shooting glasses?

    I use ESS as well. Crossbow and ICE. I like the Ice better.
  15. Pinmaster

    Kalispel Aluminum Cases

    Score! I'd like to buy one as well. My mod0 return build should be done by September or do.
  16. Pinmaster

    SOLD Vortex 6-24x50 Gen1FFP MOA Ebr-1

    Sold thanks widowmaker300
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