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    North Texas April Club match. -- 4/21

    Have fun, good group of guys in that club.
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    WTB- Deviant Action

    Interested in one (melonited) with a 6x47 varmint bbl with < 50 down the pipe?
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    North Texas April Club match. -- 4/21

    Awesome. Y'all have fun!
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    AMP AZTEC upgrade is available !

    A buddy and I snatched a 10% and I think free shipping from Brownell's back in December. I didn't see AZTEC on Brownell's site, assuming they list it, a discount code would be nice.
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    AMP AZTEC upgrade is available !

    Anyone found any discount codes ? I snatched a great discount code on my machine itself.
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    Sold: Lapua .308 Brass, Once Fired, 200 pcs. Bonus 58pcs FGMM Brass

    Thank you for the guy buy! Same day shipping and piece of cake transaction. Wish all went this way. PI_silverado is g2g.
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    WTB annealer

    Txt sent on an 'enhanced' Giraud
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    WTB Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor Brass

    I need some lapua 6.5 CM brass. Anyone have any they want to sell before I hit the online stores? I'm looking for at least 300 pcs. Thanks!
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    *Found* Thank You Lapua 308 Brass - LR Primer 300pcs

    I can't seem to find any deals on lapua 308 brass. Anyone have a lead or have some they're looking to unload? looking for 300 pcs from the same lot. Thanks!
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    Premier 5-25 Switchview / Cattail

    Does anyone make a switchview or cattail for a Premier 5-25 ? Only thing I've been able to find with searches is: $70 - Premier Scope Lever | 3Gun Stuff Any other options out there ? Thanks
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    covers for SF RC cans

    Can anyone point me to a cover for the SF RC cans. I'd like to have something that allows me to keep an eye on the locking collar for a visual ok. My cans won't see FA use. I use the 762RC on a precision gas gun. I use the Armageddon Gear covers for my TBACs and they're great. I'm one...
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    Proper maintenance for direct thread cans ?

    I hope my OCD isn't getting the best of me, but I'm curious how you all maintain, clean and protect your threads ? Both on the rifle and the can itself ? I have direct thread TBAC cans. On the advice from industry experts, I put a dab of anti-seize on the threads of the rifle before I...
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    Flat Shoe trigger for Rem700 - other options besides Timney ?

    I'm looking for a Rem700 compatible trigger. I also want a flat shoe. Who makes one other than Timney ?
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    30P-1 or 30BA for a match rifle ?

    If you were picking a can for your match rifle, which would you choose ? Trying to decide between these two for my match rifle. Originally I was going to go with the 30P-1 but I'm rethinking that and considering going with the 30BA. The biggest reason for considering the 30BA is really the...
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    Which Hornady Headspace Guage for 338 LM ?

    Howdy - Anyone using a Hornady headspace guage for a 338 LM ? Which bushing are you using ? Will the .420 work ? Hornady Manufacturing Company :: Reloading :: Metallic Reloading :: Tools & Gauges :: Lock-N-Load Gauges-Formerly Stoney Point :: Headspace Gauges :: Headspace Gauge Bushings...
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    Anyone using a Lee Collet with a Dillon 650 ? Having some trouble...

    Is anyone using a Lee Collet die with their Dillon 650 ? I'm finally starting to load my own .223. I'm using this die in position #1. It's working just fine, fixing necks and giving very consistent sizing/runout. However, I can't get a locking ring on that thing and have it still do the neck...
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    G17/G19 + Ospreay + SureFire x300 = No Go ?

    Anyone running this setup? I don't have a threaded barrel for my G17 yet. On my G19 there's no way the can will thread on and allow me to retain the use of my x300. It's a lonewolf barrel. Is there some type of adapter for an x300 ? Pretty bummed.
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    5320.20 Question and sanity check

    I need some help filling out a 5320.20 properly. This is my first trip to the rodeo. My item is a TBAC 30P-1. My item is owned by a trust. My intention is to notify the ATF of a permanent address change. I've read on the back of the Form4 that I am required to notify the ATF of a permanent...
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    Recommendations for a pin & weld job ?

    I'm looking to get a SF brake pinned and welded to a barrel. It's a 14.5" upper. I just want this done correctly so I don't damage my can on the first shot. Can anyone recommend a reputable shop ?
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    Anyone ever move before Form1/4 comes back?

    I have a couple of Form4s and 1 Form1 that I've sent off. I now have an excellent opportunity to move into a new place. It's down the street from where I live and plan to store NFA items now so same city/state/county. Trying to do my homework before I pull that trigger. My Form4s are coming...
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