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  1. Luke

    SOLD: AI AT barrel

  2. Luke

    SOLD: AI AT barrel

  3. Luke

    SOLD: Mixed 6.5-284 brass

    84 pieces of primed, loaded, and fired brass. Most of it looks new or near new. Mix of Nosler and Lapua headstamps. *Disclaimer* I got these second-hand and do not know their history. Selling for brass only. Do not attempt to fire loaded rounds. $30 shipped.
  4. Luke

    nn8734 & Hootiewho are GTG

    Smooth & easy transactions with both of these gentlemen. Thanks!
  5. Luke

    12 year old's first precision rifle

    The RPR is a great rifle. I had one in 6.5CM and it was the most accurate factory rifle I've shot, right out of the box (.2-.3 MOA groups). Mags are cheap (Magpul), Ergos are good. Standard AR grips and stocks so you can customize it to fit any body shape. Easy to swap barrel. The price is...
  6. Luke


    PM sent
  7. Luke

    Cheap Compact Binocular

    The Burris Droptine binos are really good. No they aren't Swarovski or Leica, but they're probably at least 80% as good, and like 20% the cost
  8. Luke

    May the 4th eBay Sale - 15%

    Too late now, but they have Garmin 601's and 701's (they never go on sale), EuroOptic AI barrels, etc.
  9. Luke


    What height rings are those? I need a set for the same setup.
  10. Luke


    I'll take it - PM sent
  11. Luke


    Please delete
  12. Luke

    New from Denver

    Welcome! I'm just a bit north of you in Fort Collins.
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