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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    Just found ATACR will be here tomorrow. I’ll be back and let y’all know how it goes.
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    Headspacing a new bolt in AR15???

    You are likely to get many different answers. I have always been told, and for my own part seen, when using quality parts, it’s not an issue. That said, I have interchanged bolts and different barrels many times. I have added NP3 bolts and bolt carriers to various rifles with zero negative...
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    Using Spuhr mount

    I also use my left eye. I open my eye, give a peek, and I’m gtg. It’s easier to see that it seems like it would be. In my opinion at least.
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    current state of the Steiner T5Xi 3-15 - now (M5Xi vs. Tango6 Gen2 vs. Nightforce F1 4-16)

    I will throw in my .2. I think the NF ATACR 4-16 is all day a fantastic scope. That would be my choice in that price range. HOWEVER, I have to throw out, again, the SHV 4-14 F1. For the money, this is a super, fantastic scope. The glass is excellent, it’s FFP, it’s 4-14, which is plenty of mag...
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    Scope mount with built in 20 moa cant, what are my options?

    Another option is the very solid NightForce Unimount. It has 20moa built in. Very solid mount.
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    20" AR15 shooting factory Hornady Match 75?

    I regularly get to shoot out as far as I can with my AR’s. I work at a range that has steel out to 1mile, so I have quite a bit of time on AR’s at distance. I can make VERY consistent hits at 600 with Speer 75gr Gold Dots, and 77gr Federal GMM. By 800, they are not anything I would call...
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    Seekin’ advice on Seekins Precision Rifles - ?

    You will put a NightForce ATACR 4-16. 😀That’s a dream team!!!
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I agree that a 1-8 isn’t ideal for 1K. I’d say 1000yds is long range by anyone’s measure. The 1-8, although an awesome scope, is a mid range prospect. I have gone 600 quite handily with the 1-8, but I’d leave the 1000yd stuff to the 4-16, or at the VERY least, the 2.5-10
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    Nightforce Torture Test Video

    That is seriously insane. I own 2 NF scopes now, and am waiting “patiently “ (unless you ask Sonny 😀) for my 3rd, an ATACR 1-8. I have others, but I’m genuinely getting sucked in to the NF family. Every single one I own has been perfect. Tracks true, box test showed it to be perfect. I don’t...
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    Rifle Length Gas/ Carbine Buffer

    You won’t have any problems. The rifle length is by far my favorite gas system length. When you get used to shooting it you can really feel the difference between it and a carbine length. The carbine, and even the mid length, start to feel much more violent once you shoot the rifle. I’m...
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    Looking for recommendations on ar scope.

    I really think you’re going to have to up your budget to get much more variety. In your price range, the Philippines are likely going to be a step up from most of what you’re going to see. Not trying to be a jerk, just being honest.
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    What’s your favorite rifle length Hand-guard?

    If weight isn’t a big concern, the Geiselle is ROCK SOLID, and has quite a bit of clearance. They are designed in such a way that rotation is not going to happen. Super solid. They aren’t light, but in an SPR/DMR application, shouldn’t be an issue. Another one to look at that is very solid...
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    Anyone want to talk AR shorties?

    The gas block on that particular upper is just a BCM low profile gas block. I’m running it under a KMR rail. I really enjoy that rifle. Much more so than the DD MK18. Seems like, as with anything in life, that extra inch makes all the difference. 👍
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    Can you provide a range report on this .308 / 175 ammo?

    I would have absolutely no qualms about shooting this ammo. Should be pretty good, if not excellent. I’ve heard very good things about IMI in general, and this ammo doesn’t give me any reason to suspect it would be different. I may very well get 10 boxes or so to try out.
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    Anyone want to talk AR shorties?

    I have both a 10.3 DD upper (their version of a MK18) and I built an 11.5 BCM upper. The 11.5 is MUCH nicer to shoot. I find myself reaching for that much more often than the MK18. The 11.5 is less blast, less obnoxious, overall nicer to shoot. It may be that the gas port is the size of a...
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    Anyone run a 16x for their main optic? regrets?

    I think it’s a tough call. On one hand, the 4-16 ATACR is a fantastic scope, and would be one of my number one, top choices on a gasser, or a .308, where distances would be limited to about 1000 or 1200. I shoot my 5-25 and my 3-20 at about 16-18 very often. Mirage becomes an issue...
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    Well, I can say that I am still in love with my NX8. I have now ordered an ATACR 1-8. I am actually going to sell my Razor 1-6. My Razor was always my gold standard, my “go to”. I have been shooting the NX8 for about a month now, and last week I mounted up an ATACR 1-8 for a young man. When I...
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    223 and 556 Factory Ammo Choices for Accuracy and Home Defense?

    Of the bullets you mentioned, the Federal GMM in a 69 or 75 is a very good bullet if it encounters NO barrier. It is known to come apart quite easily. That could be a good thing if you aren’t looking to over penetrate. We used the Federal TRU loaded with the Sierra GameKing for years as a duty...
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    Scope for SR25 E2 PR

    I am running a S&B 3-20 PMII (not the US) on my GAP-10 6.5. I could not be happier with that scope. I think the power range is fantastic for a gasser, and on Sunday, I was making multiple hits at 1000/1200/1600 yds shooting 16-18X. I find 16-18 works fantastic unless it’s early in the day, and...
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