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  1. thesheepdog

    WTS new Savage 110 300 Win barrel pull off

    Stainless 1:10 pull off from a Savage Storm. Never fired. 24" not threaded. Sporter profile. Used the action for a 300 PRC and sold the stock and need to sell the barrel. $115 shipped TYD.
  2. thesheepdog

    CDI Precision no longer in business

    I have no intention of this being inappropriate, but I found out today the Jeff @ CDI passed away this month, and they've closed doors. I was in communication with him last month about a bottom metal, and his wife replied to another response of mine, indicating his passing, and they're no longer...
  3. thesheepdog

    WTS NIB Xcaliber 300 PRC Remage barrel and NIB Rem 700 stainless action.

    Brand new. Never fired. Bought it and decided to go with Savage action threads due to the ARC, Bighorns and many more custom actions going the Savage thread route. Specs: 23" (Hornady ammo is listed for 24" barrels) MTU Profile Stainless 1:7 twist (more than enough for 250 A tips) 5/8x24 muzzle...
  4. thesheepdog

    WTS Savage 10 308

    For sale is a used Savage 10, with a brand new Xcaliber barrel, nitrided, 24" MTU, threaded 5/8x24, 1:9 twist, throated for 208gr bullets. Has a badger 20 MOA steel base and a Choate stock. Action has over 1k rounds but the barrel is brand spanking new. Suppressor not included. Will throw in...
  5. thesheepdog

    Custom Rem 700 Magnum Long Range

    Selling my used 700 Custom Action/Stock (barrel optional). Gunsmith blueprinted action with CIP Magwell. M16 extractor. 8-40 scope mount screws Dual pinned recoil lug Mcree G5+ CIP folding stock Badger 40 MOA steel base. Timney Trigger 28" Bartlein 1:9.3 MTU barrel, nitrided, 3/4 threads...
  6. thesheepdog

    Defiance Remage build

    So I'm building a Remage 300 PRC with an Xcaliber barrel. I've got a few questions about the Defiance actions and a Remage setup. 1) What bolt nose option should I select (recessed? Flat?). Considering this is an Xcaliber barrel... I assume the barrel is cut for the rem 700 recessed nose? 2)...
  7. thesheepdog

    6.5 Creedmoor 142gr SMK Gas gun load

    I started handloading some 6.5 Creed in my 22" Aero Precision (BA QPQ barrel). Using a Hornady LNL Progressive press I got some excellent results from the following load: 39.0gr RL 17 Hornady brass Remington Magnum Primers Mag length OAL 142gr SMK Results: 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards 2665 fps...
  8. thesheepdog

    SOLD NIB Bushnell HDMR II H59 reticle $1000 shipped

    Never mounted. Bought it for a project that fell through. $1000 shipped insurance extra. I accept PayPal friends/family or normal + 3.5%
  9. thesheepdog

    [SOLD] Bushnell XRS II illuminated G3 BNIB $1400 shipped

    Never mounted. $1400 shipped FIRM. No trades. insurance extra. Gray color. Illuminated reticle Bought this and decided to go with a razor Gen II instead I accept PayPal friends or family or normal +3.5%
  10. thesheepdog

    USO B series (17, 25) glass

    Looking for people who own B-17's or 25's that can comment on glass quality compared to other scope in the same price range (Nightforce, Razor Gen II, Mark 5HD, Kalhes). I tried searching around and haven't really seen anything definitive. Thanks.
  11. thesheepdog

    Rem 700 CIP modification

    I need a smith to mill off the little tab on the rear of my 700 magnum action magwell, so I can run a 300 PRC DBM. If you can do this please send me a quote and turnaround time in a private message, or feel free to post them here. 😁 Thank you
  12. thesheepdog

    Rem 700 AICS magazine questions 300 PRC

    Wanting to build a 300 PRC on a spare 700 magnum action I have. Got some questions about AICS pattern mags. If I want to use the 3.775 length mags do I need to have the action modified? I know the ultra mags have to mill out the tang on the action. Does 300 PRC work with 300 Win magazines...
  13. thesheepdog

    Xcaliber remage dilemma

    Hi all, I'm about to do a Remage build for a 300 PRC using an Xcaliber Remage prefit. I've got 2 Rem 700 actions for this project. 1) Trued with M16 extractor 2) Factory, no mods Question is, will a Remage barrel work with M16 extractor cuts? Not sure if they cut the counterbore? Just...
  14. thesheepdog

    [SOLD]Vortex Gen 1 PST 4-16 FFP mil/mil $420 shipped

    Great condition. I've taken good care of it. Has some minor scratches on the body/turrets. $450 shipped Mount SPF to BMelt1409
  15. thesheepdog

    [SOLD] Steiner T5xi 5-25 mil (updated turrets)

    Lightly used. Only used it 4 times to shoot my 338 out to 1800 yards. With some new scopes out I'm just looking to sell this and possibly buy something newer. Light scratches on the body but overall has been kept in a safe or a padded case. Has updated turrets (as seen in the photos). Comes...
  16. thesheepdog

    Bushnell Forge

    So, I love Bushnell. I have used many of their ERS, DMR, XRS scopes and especially love my tactical spotter with ED glass. As soon as I heard they were offering FFP MRAD scopes with ED glass for under $800 I was pretty excited (and still am). However, I have noticed that the specs/appearance of...
  17. thesheepdog

    338-300 Win Mag to 1 mile

    I finally got to complete the lifelong dream of shooting to a mile last weekend. Prior to this my longest shot has been 1200 yards with various platforms. While it was a lifelong dream, it was also an opportunity to test my 338-300 Win Mag to extreme distances. This is my custom chambering. It's...
  18. thesheepdog

    Nightforce 40 MOA base rem 700 LA

    If any of you guys have one of these bases can you send me a pic of the recoil lug? I just got one from Midway and the recoil lug is pathetic looking. Nothing like the pictures represent. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. thesheepdog

    338-300 Win Mag

    Who where has a 338-300 Win Mag (300 Win necked up to 338)? I heard about this cartridge recently and am intrigued. All the benefits of a 338 Win Mag and then some: Longer neck and more case capacity. If you have information for me please PM me or email so I can ask you some questions...