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  1. krw

    Handsome gobbler

    Bu far, one of the prettiest thing in Nature is a struttn gobbler in the Sunshine. As He turrns struttn, an unreal amount of colors come off His breast feathers. And the best critter I have hunted if hunted properly. Nice Pic!!
  2. krw

    Wts: Guide rod lasers

    Offer sent via pm
  3. krw

    Best subsonic .300 Blackout commercial loading?

    If your shooting a suppressed 300BlkOut, no powder is expensive when your your using 10.5-11gr of any powder. 650-700 lds/lb
  4. krw

    WTB CCI STD 40gr Ammo

    Search CCI Standard Velocity on GunBroker. It will bring up several No Reserve auctions for 1000 rds. UPS pain in Ass to ship from where I from. Then I’d hear the yadada bout price gouging, takin advantage of people. I nurly ran out yrs ago. When things straighten out buy em by 5000 case. Fore...
  5. krw

    WTB CCI STD 40gr Ammo

    I hav new unopened case 5,000
  6. krw

    SBR/Pistol help

    In most things in life, you get what you pay for. Buy once/cry once is pretty good sayn
  7. krw

    10.5” 300 BlkOut bbl $80

    I have a new 10.5” bbl marked .300 BlackOut 1:8. Bought a bx AR parts at auction. This was in it. Threaded 5/8-24. Pistol gas. Has 061615 stamped close to breech end $80 plus actual USPS shipping. Thanks
  8. krw

    Still issues w 300 BlkOut upper

    I changed the bolt. It now ejects the brass 5’? Runs like a Rolex now
  9. krw

    WTB .224 50 grain Noslers

    Hav new sealed bx 250 Nosler 224, 50gr Ballistic tips.
  10. krw

    Still issues w 300 BlkOut upper

    I posted other day about issues w 10.5” 300blkOut upper. Hav lots more details now. 10.5” with Pistol gas system. Mags run great on 223 uppers. Using 20rd Colts. Lubed BCG hard w Lucas. 10.3-11.0 gr 1680 w 208 Amax’s lded 2.230”. Shooting suppressed w SiCo Omega. 11.0gr is still subsonic and...
  11. krw

    Wine Thread

    I remember how depressed I got when Boone’s Farm quit making Sun Peak Peach. A very dark time. So now when I want to splurge on a “good” wine, I buy Post’s Blue Parachute. 😁
  12. krw

    9mm, 124gr JHP Bullets

    All sold!! Thanks
  13. krw

    9mm, 124gr JHP Bullets
  14. krw

    9mm, 124gr JHP Bullets

    I have good quantity of RMR 9mm, 124 gr, JHP bullets. $.12/ea. 1k quantitys price drops to $.10/ea. Actual USPS shipping. Ins on your dime. PP FF or PMO. Thanks. Krw
  15. krw

    Probs w 10.5” 300 BlkOut upper

    I run it lubed wet, suppressd Omega. It ejects at 3 Oclock w subs. I run Colt 20rd mags. It has more issues w 20rd Pmags. I have never changed the buffer or spring. Tomorrow I will ld up some up to 11.0grs 1680. It just does not run dependable w subs, but more powder cood solve my issues
  16. krw

    Probs w 10.5” 300 BlkOut upper

    I have a 10.5”, pistol gas system, Odin adj gas blk. It will run 110Vmax w 20gr LilGun like a champ. But it has issues w subsonics. I am using 208amax w 10.3gr 1680. I have the gas blk opened all the way? Do I need to buy bx factory subs to try w it? It will lock bolt back on last shot. Any...