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  1. Pointman308

    Burris Rt8

    Has anyone had hands on one of these or know when they are coming out?
  2. Pointman308

    Trijicon 2-10x36!!!! Spr worthy!!! Finally someone got it right!!!!! At least on paper..........
  3. Pointman308

    1-6 viper vs 1-6 razor

    Is the razor $800 better?
  4. Pointman308

    Burris Xtr 2 1-8

    Im considering this scope because I love the specs on it, however I never see it on rifles anywhere compared to the Accupower or the Razor. Is there something wrong with it? Why isn’t it very popular?
  5. Pointman308

    Burris Xtr 2 1-8?

    Im considering this scope because I love the specs on it, however I never see it on rifles anywhere compared to the Accupower or the Razor. Is there something wrong with it? Why isn’t it very popular?
  6. Pointman308

    Viper gen 2 2-10x32

    I’m really interested in this scope because I love the magnification range the size of the objective and I think it’s a quality scope but I can’t get behind the reticle design. Who understands this and why they made it that way? Referring to the long horizontal stadia on the vertical crosshair
  7. Pointman308

    Atlas, Harris, or Magpul bipod for spr rifles

    Which bipod do you prefer for AR-15 Spr type rifles and why?
  8. Pointman308

    Eotech exps2-0 Will Consider all offers!!!!

    Just as the title says. Will include two new surefire 123a lithium batteries along with the battery that is already in it. Directions for use and warranty card are with it. Unit is virtually brand new. $450 shipped to your door in Eotech brand hard case. Buyer pays insurance on shipping. USPS...
  9. Pointman308

    Lpvo vs Reg Scopes

    So I’m having a dilemma on setting up my rifle. I’ve been looking at the LPvo’s s for some time thinking that that’s the way that I should go. Right now I’m running a 3 to 9 with a canted red dot on my rifle and it seems to work really well. Why do I feel the need to go to an LPVO? What are some...
  10. Pointman308

    Vortex viper gen 2 1-6?

    I’ve been looking at this scope for a a while for my recce build but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of feedback out there for it. Does anybody have first hand experience With this? Is it WORTH it’s 23 ounces?
  11. Pointman308

    New 1-8 scopes @shot?

    Are there any new midrange 1-8 offerings coming out this year at shot besides Nightforce?
  12. Pointman308

    Sig Sauer Whiskey 5 2-10x42mm SPR Worthy?

    For those of you on the hunt for a good SPR Scope, I have one to throw at you. Sig Sauer Whiskey 5 2-10x42mm with MOA Milling reticle. This is a revised version of this scope (2017) so to find it you really have to pay attention to the details. A lot of the dealers show the image of the previous...
  13. Pointman308

    Rangerproof/Shepherd 1-8x24mm The reticle and company can be seen here: what would you all think of this scope for an spr?
  14. Pointman308

    SPR Scope NOW PLEASE!!!

    Is it me or is there a niche missing for the SPR guys? I've recently gotten into the SPR world and have a really good rifle built and it shoots lights out! However trying to select a good optic for it that doesn't break the bank or my back is near impossible. Vortex is the only manufacturer that...
  15. Pointman308

    Old Winchester Model 70 rebuild?

    I have an old Win 70 22-250 that the barrel is shot out of. Its not a Mauser style bolt and extractor, but the gun has some sentimental meaning for me. The recoil lug is incorporated into the action which I'm kind of fond of. Was wondering if the gun is worth the effort of squaring up...
  16. Pointman308

    AI-Great at Rifles/Bad at Building Web Sites

    So what is up with AI's website. It has been down for like a millennium(slight exaggeration), but seriously!
  17. Pointman308

    Flush Cups/HS Precision

    Can flush cups be installed in an HS Precision stock or will the material crumble?
  18. Pointman308

    Dpms is scaring me a little.

    So I was out it with my son yesterday helping him sight his new 3G2 on paper. The gun shoots great for a gas gun, but as it cycles the next round into the chamber it leaves small firing pin dents into the advancing round. It scares me that one might go off before it goes into battery. Can any...
  19. Pointman308

    7mm 08 Barrells

    I'm considering a 7mm 08 and am wondering how many rounds you can get out of barrel while maintaining good accuracy?
  20. Pointman308

    Cerakoting Inside of Action

    I've done a little research and have heard it both ways. Does it smooth your action if you cerakote the inside of it?