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    Re-barreled my RPR 6.5 Creed

    How much muscle did you need to break the bbl nut loose? I've read that that can be a b**** to get done.
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    Winchester M70 Picatinny Base Question

    Check Nightforce.
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    Wooden stock makers

    My nephew. Riflesmith and wood stock maker. He coincidentally is left handed! He is in the middle of two rifles (both wood stocks) for me and another project. Let me contact him and if he can do it. Lives in St Cloud, MN. Will message you tomorrow. lg
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    New Berger 6.5mm 144gr LRHT

    Just out of curiousity Brandon05-88, what is your COAL?
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    Eurooptic is Great to Deal With

    Agree with all good things posted here about Euro-Optics. Three dealings with them and all went perfectly. Good guys, good prices, ship right out.
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    Chamfer and Debur even if I am not trimming?

    Hi lash, I think I (finally) 'got it'. And see what you two are talking about and agree. (Y) :)
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    Using Short Brass in 6.5CM

    47guy, where did you get that? A cut from a barrel?
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    Chamfer and Debur even if I am not trimming?

    Hi lash, and a reason why I said 'probably' (allowing that I could be totally wrong) and agree it's a perception thing. I dug out three of my Lapua brass, the brass that I did not need to trim. I can see a shine on the outside caused by the chamfering cut and a shine on the inside caused by...
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    Using Short Brass in 6.5CM

    Good question Mainer. My chambers are SAAMI spec. I go by the published spec in Hornady's 10th Ed. (6.5CM) 1.920 is max, and I try to not trim any more than necessary, so I have ended up with two trim lengths. 1.918 and 1.916. This is a mix of mostly Hornady and some Federal, Win, Nosler...
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    Chamfer and Debur even if I am not trimming?

    Perhaps so, but in my experience not measurably. At least with my calipers and skill using them (or lack thereof). When I do trim I trim to 1.916 and other cases to 1.918 and then C/D and after C/D I am still at 1.916 or 1.918. I am using the hand held Lyman (orange) tool with the...
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    Using Short Brass in 6.5CM

    thanx Spife, had not noticed that before. :)
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    Using Short Brass in 6.5CM

    I recently bought a few boxes of Berger 140 gn Target Hybrid. 6.5CM. This cartridge is manufactured using Lapua SRP brass. And when I went to reload the brass it measured 1.900". Some were longer but none were 1.910" That is 0.010" under 'trim length' : 1.910" per Hornady's manual. I...
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    Chamfer and Debur even if I am not trimming?

    I only trim when needed but do chamfer and debur each time.
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    New Berger 6.5mm 144gr LRHT

    Just before the holidays I bought a box of 100 of these new 144 gn bullets. Could not find Berger published load data so contacted them. They advised they did not have any published data at present but would be happy to give me some over the phone. They could not get back to me until after...
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    New Berger 6.5mm 144gr LRHT

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    LabRadar.. Crowded range, brakes, and cans? Sure.

    Greg's unit is great, as is he. Bought one a month or so ago and am happy across the board with the whole deal. Sadly, there is a 'guy' who seems to have copied Greg's device and then turned around and is selling it for a few bucks less. I decided to buy mine from Greg who came up with the...
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    Picking a New Action

    I think you are in midrange price for actions. Check Defiant for one. That said: If this is a one time big thing for you, I'd spend the money. If something you may do a time or two or more, then go with the R700. Finally, you could look around for a donor rifle or action and build from...
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    Sold Gempro 250 FS/FT trades updated

    I have one of these and wished I needed another one. Great price. Good luck with selling. lg
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    Kahles 624I SKMR3, LSW, $SPF shipped.

    tempting (I already own one, great scope).