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    Pistol Light

    My 60 and 120 lumen Surefire leave dark voids compared to my 650 and 1000 lumen Streamlight. My opinion, and yes opinions vary, is reflector is more important than the output and I dont find the 1000 too bright with the wide beam. That is what I was saying my opinion is. And yes, my pistol has...
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    Pistol Light

    Another Streamlight TLR 1HL user. Have a couple. I had Surefire in the past but prefer the beam of Streamlight. 1000 lumens is not too bright if you use it correctly.
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    Hunting with your target rifles??

    Opinions vary but light is right, lighter is righter and lightest is rightest. No way I am toting around a heavier than I need rifle on a hunt. A couple miles walking on greasy bowling balls, 2000 feet up of 2 steps up 3 steps down scree, add in a little snow or even ice to build even more...
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    Cold weather and rangefinders ..

    I have seen everything at one time or another go south in the cold. Usually around -30-40° below is the starting temp especially if cold soaked. But, todays product is much better and 27° F is not real cold to effect performance these days. My $25 weather meter works just fine at -30°, turn it...
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    Virginia 2.0 .....The gun grab is on in AZ

    If any citizen of our Republic doesn't think all coming elections mean everything, we have little hope our Constitution survives. As been said, most of us have sat back and let things develop by the enemy within. Every state is under attack by growing an enemy within. But of course, we are all...
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    Lack of Training

    There are resources to use. Interweb, local outdoor groups / botanist, F&G, pamphlets / books. It would be good to spend time with an elder out in several a small villages but even their knowledge is a dying skill. Like all cultures, most youth don't have much interest. I dabbled in eatable...
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    Another Spotter Recommendation Thread; Advice Needed

    Not sure if this will help clear up finer detail you seek but I can see bullet splashes and hits on steel to 1100, about my furthest distance. Last time at boomershoot, my 2 buds were impressed compared to one of them's Vortex so he put it away right from set up before first shot. Some other...
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    Which 300 WINMAG?

    Since I was an FFL gun shop for 17 years (which means nothing), of those; Remington. Quality? Remmy has no more QC issues than any of those mentioned but they get bashed the most. Features is too subjective, any and all of these would be gucci'd up. But if I am allowed to make a suggestion...
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    .270 vs 6.5 CM for Hunting 25 - 300 meters

    Animals don't care about headstamp or ballastics, they only care if they are hit in the engine room. Every animal is different, some give it easy, some don't. Every shot is different, some easy, some not so easy. Light recoil in my experience outweighs ballistics. Hunters who hunt to put...
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    Let's just say tomorrow

    I just got to work, sipping on coffee talking when the ground started shaking, then yep, it starting shaking knocking us around, everyone knew then and yelled earthquake as we dove under or ran outside. It took a few minutes after the shaking for reality to set in. Real reality when slithering...
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    Looking for a daypack

    You are correct, they are all copies of each other, there are small differences but they are minor. I prefer to buy and use USA made but if I am going to buy product that is made in Asia or cheap labor country, then I am going to buy the cheapest. No need to spend extra money on a brand name...
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    Optics for guided hunts.

    Mountain hunting depending on where, can be easier, harder to extreme character building. Bike riding with the seat down low on high gear simulates the short power strokes walking up hill. Also climb stairs with weight in your pack, boots on, start light and work your way up. This also helps...
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    Clemson or LSD?

    I thought a closer game, 10 points but LSU could have ran the score up at will once they got into their game changes. They made Clemons D look bad just like Clemson did to Bama last year. LSU was tested all year, Clemson had not but been in the big game last year. Clemson looked like many...
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    Looking for a daypack

    SOG. Reebo. I picked up a xcute for approx $20 as a keep in the car throw away for a few essentials. Cheap Asian knock off but same quality as everything else made there labeled with a brand name.
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    Elk Hunting Packs

    That is a lot of weight and volume to tote around in the steep hills. From experience as a guide and user, if you have the pack room its easy to fill it up Vs packing the necessities. I been all over the state of Alaska winter and summer up to a week with 3500ci not really needed much more...
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    Looking for a daypack

    MOAB 10 has single shoulder strap. Not what I would consider but for around town / work / school / ect. A quick search on Amazon for similar packs at half the price of 5.11 but if you are sold on 5.11, not bad packs but same quality can be found for a lot less just not the name.
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    Rokman Packs

    Heard of them, interesting, the QD and system in general, would like to hear some feedback. The main pack body resembles Alpacka from 20 years ago here in Alaska. My math is old school but 6.75 pounds 3800, on the heavy side for me. good luck
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    We need to ban wolf hunting.

    And thank you very much. All those transplanted wolves in the Id, Wy, Mt area came from Alaska.