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  1. Culpeper

    Unconditional Apology

    Real men do it and take the pain instead of the same old dog and pony show. That shit sandwich is so fucking stale it's hard as a rock now.
  2. Culpeper


    An organization I volunteer for is a FEMA partner. Has anyone seen one motherfucker wearing FEMA identifiers? FEMA lineage comes from our old Civil Defense Force. Remember this logo? These used to be the people that would be distributing such things as TP right now. It was designed to...
  3. Culpeper

    Thoughts on masturbation after 60

    Like isn't it sort of a disgusting necessity or what?
  4. Culpeper

    Brenda Lee

  5. Culpeper

    Merry Christmas

  6. Culpeper

    Weird SAR Don't know how this missed this car but they did.
  7. Culpeper

    Measuring bullets base to ogive

    What is the acceptable SD and extreme spread?
  8. Culpeper

    Sierra .243 110 SMK measurements

    Does anybody have the following....??? BT length Small BT diameter. I'm creating a line for it in the .bul file in QL. My version doesn't have it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Culpeper

    Sierra BC Bands

    Like their published BC bands at the end having something like .580 <=1900 fps. Is that good only down to 1340. In other words, the lower band is only relevant above the sound barrier 1340 fps or so?
  10. Culpeper

    Bushnell vs Bushnell

    First of I'm thinking on getting into 500 meters shooting. I've got the rifle and everything else except the scope. Which one would you recommend?
  11. Culpeper

    What is the best muzzle brake for 30-06
  12. Culpeper

    Okay, which of you old fucks is this?

    This guy no doubt has a brake on a 6.5 Creed...
  13. Culpeper

    Ban Cat Captured

  14. Culpeper

    Good knife on extreme budget

    This is actually the MTech MT-096 about $13. Damn near held up good as a Busse
  15. Culpeper

    St. Patrick Day Uh? Of the 3,464 Medals of Honor awarded as of September 17, 2009, an estimated 2,021 have been awarded to Irish-American recipients, more than twice the number awarded any other ethnic group; 257 Irish-born Americans...
  16. Culpeper

    Family tree

    Don't get into your family tree bullshit. Your American OG was running from something and if he wanted people to know he would have said so. My first clue should have been my current cousin.
  17. Culpeper

    So much for 4350 temp sensitivity His data is good based on weighted averages. He doesn't say what the temp was but he posted in late July in Alabama so it was hot. I've been using AA4350 lately due to ample supply. You would think AA and IMR would swing higher in...
  18. Culpeper

    Is my .260 neck too tight

    Fired round neck OD .2965 - loaded neck OD with bullet .2935 = .003. Neck thickness .155 and if I'm doing the math right I should be right about .002 neck tension on a fired case. Lapua 260 Rem Brass. I think I can actually reload the fired brass without resizing the necks. Anyway, trying...
  19. Culpeper

    20 rounds and changing zero

    I have one 700 that takes about 20 rounds to return to zero. Starts off as much as .3 mils lower at 200 meters and will stay there even shooting sub moa. Then out of nowhere I'm back to my original 100 yard zero and still shooting sub moa. Next month or so same thing every time. Rifle is...