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  1. nexusfire

    PVA John Hancock Rifle Status

    There are many parallels between this and J Allen. I had a discussion once with Lisa about the pitfalls of taking deposits. Having the initial cash flow is bad in the sense that it typically goes towards paying expenses and when it is exhausted it causes financial stress on the business. Pre...
  2. nexusfire

    GAP Production Rifle

    Mine shipped
  3. nexusfire

    Ammo Prices: The Panic is On - Big Time

    True. Every feral pig I have killed has been a 40gr vmax in the ear hole.
  4. nexusfire

    keeping it

    I have decided to keep this one. Thanks for the interest.
  5. nexusfire

    Brownells changed their “forever guarantee” return policy

    I had the stupid ass post office screw up a delivery on some glock mags and they ended up destroying them for whatever reason. There was some error on the address. I called Brownells and they overnighted me two new ones. I would say that they have excellent customer service.
  6. nexusfire

    keeping it

    MATCH 64 ACTION, 5098 2 STAGE TRIGGER, MEDIUM WEIGHT BARREL, MANNERS T6 SYN STOCK, 1/2X28" THREADED BARREL FEATURES: -Caliber: .22 Long Rifle -1:16 1/2" twist -64 bolt action repeater -5098 two-stage trigger -Blued finish -18" medium-weight barrel -Threaded 1/2" x 28 tpi -No iron sight provision...
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    keeping it Same gun, one 5 round mag.
  8. nexusfire

    WTB: New Lapua 6 BR Brass

    I have 200 hydroformed for 6 dasher. Lmk
  9. nexusfire

    keeping it

  10. nexusfire

    Prepare now

  11. nexusfire

    6.5 PRC

    My Seekins Havak shot the 143 eldx factory ammo over 2900 fps with a 24" barrel.
  12. nexusfire

    keeping it

    Up for the night crowd
  13. nexusfire

    Impact firing pin spring

    You could be trading accuracy for easier bolt lift if you do that.
  14. nexusfire

    Donald Trump’s coronavirus advice just might kill us

    I think the good parts of Unions is the training. In my line of work technicians that are good carry a NICET certification and even some local jurisdictions require it to work there. You can have great training without the other crooked garbage. Our mechanical side of the business is all union...