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    Savage B17 F Picatinny rail

    Looking for a recommendation on a rail for a savage b17 f. Normally I run seekins or area 419 rails.
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    17hmr ammo

    What 17hmr ammo is your go to ammo? My brother in law is buying a 17hmr and I plan to buy him a couple boxes of ammo for his birthday. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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    Proof Carbon .338 barrel

    Looking to sell my Proof Research carbon .338 sendero barrel to a new home. It is 26” sendero contour with a 1:10 twist. Asking $625 shipped. Looking for cash
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    WTB bulk 75gr Amax or ELD

    Looking to buy several hundred 75gr hornady Amax or elds.
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    FOUND AI polymer .223 mag

    Looking to buy one or possibly two AI .223 mags.
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    SOLD Atlas BT-10 NC w/ BT-19 AICS Spigot

    I am selling my AICS so this can go as well. $250 shipped Trades- hog saddle, charge master, maybe other things
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    KRG X-Ray SOLD

    Black KRG x-ray for Remington 700 SA. Includes one five round magpul mag and the SAP round holder. $400 shipped
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    AI AT skins

    I have a set of black AI AT skins in excellent shape. They are missing the screws. $70 shipped
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    SOLD AICS 1.5 chassis

    I am listing an AICS 1.5 SA chassis for sale. The chassis has tan Victor Co skins on it as seen in the pictures. I also have a set of black AI skins for it as well. Barreled action, AI mag, and scope are not included or for sale. $725 with both sets of skins $675 with your pick of skins shipped
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    Looking for down pants for glassing/spotting

    I am looking to add a pair of down pants for glassing to my pack this year. So far I am considering the KUIU and stone glacier pants. Has anyone compared these two pants? Any other suggestions are welcome as well.
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    Cost to transfer a can to dealer?

    I visited my lgs yesterday that does most of the class 3 stuff in my area and asked about ordering a GA Precision Jager. They said they charge $75 for a transfer. Is that typical for a suppressor transfer?