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  1. davsco

    Peacemaker/PNTC PRS Match Nov 2 between hagerstown, md and winchester, va near inwood, wv off of I-81, approx 2 hours west of DC should be 10 stages, mix of prone and positional, out to 1100-1200 yds.
  2. davsco

    Peacemaker/PNTC PRS Match Sat Sept 28

    their 4th prs match this year (5th one is Nov 2). between winchester, va and hagerstown, md about 15 minutes west of I-81 from Inwood, WV exit. last one i believe we shot out to around 1100yds and had 5 stages at main complex and 5 at...
  3. davsco

    Peacemaker (PNTC) PRS match Sat Aug 24 normally 10 stages, half onsite out to about 5-600yds, and half at their range down the road out to 1000-1200yds, generally half positional and half prone. fyi this saturday they're doing their Long Range...
  4. davsco

    more ammo rebates (cash, not swag) coming?

    would like to do some more stocking up. any idea if more ammo rebates (cash, not swag) are forthcoming? such as federal/blazer.
  5. davsco

    Peacemaker (PNTC) PRS Matches Apr 6 & 7, WV

    separate matches sat & sun apr 6 & 7. above winchester, va and below hagerstown, md just west of I-81 from inwood, wv
  6. davsco

    StatonCole is GTG

    zero issues, thanks!
  7. davsco

    Vitali1342 is GTG

    paid quick, zero issues, thanks!
  8. davsco

    SOLD Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56, Illuminated

    Used a few times a year at various local PRS and belly matches. Excellent condition all around - body, glass, turrets, illumination. A very slight scratch can be seen in the one pic (#5) and a super slight rub in the other pic (#6) may not even be visible. Please note, the box shown (pic #8)...
  9. davsco

    20moa, 34mm mount for vortex 3-18x50

    any recommendations that will get it low on the rail of an ar-308? pref under $200-250... thanks!
  10. davsco

    SOLD Leupold VX-R 2-7x33mm Fire Dot

    excellent condition, mounted but never hunted. maybe a slight scuff near the magnification ring (see pics). $400 shipped conus. have questions or need more pics, just let me know, thanks, david
  11. davsco

    SOLD Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NXS

    I've used this in a couple of PRS matches annually. Overall in great shape, glass excellent. Turrets operate just like new. A few dings (see pics) from going in and out of barricades. Always had sunshade on so objective lens fully protected. This is pre-zero stop and high speed turrets...
  12. davsco

    NBot good/great seller

    scope came quick and as, if not better than, advertised, thanks!
  13. davsco

    badger base/mount rings not aligned?

    just received their unimount, looks pretty solid. but where the rings connect, they don't match up. almost like the tops are 34mm and the bottoms are 35mm (this is for a 34mm vortex scope tube). but if you look at their website pics, there seems to be an offset there also. intentional? any...
  14. davsco

    nf nxs 5.5-22x56 ===> vortex razor hd2 4.5-27x56?

    with some nice prices on the vortex, thinking of perhaps going from my current sfp to ffp on my prs rifle. i will find one to look thru, but wondering if the reticle is too small at the 14-20x range i'll prob use it at in prs matches? i don't think the sfp has held me back, but would be nice...
  15. davsco

    getting timney trigger to 2# in rem 700?

    so i have two rem 700s, one old one new and i cannot get the timney triggers to anywhere near 2# (they say they should go down to 1.5#). anywhere near that point, the set screw is backed all the way out. this is the 511 for my lefty bolt guns. any ideas?
  16. davsco

    basic savage + prefit proof barrel = accurate lightweight hunter?

    lefty here trying to get a new lighter weight hunting rifle (elk). would like 300wsm or 2nd, 300 winmag. honestly, the tikka t3x lite prob is all i need, lots of lefty options, but just not real sexy, plus no brake. i'd jump on a fierce fury or christensen ridgeline if they did lefty in these...
  17. davsco

    tikka t3 v t3x recoil; threading/brake

    i don't consider myself a recoil weenie (340wby and 7stw un-braked haven't bothered me albeit in heavier rifles), but the t3 i had in 300win mag kicked like a friggin' mule. anyone know how much if any the felt recoil has been lessened in their t3x? anyone have any feedback on getting their...
  18. davsco

    labradar help, blank screen

    trying to set up my bil's labradar. we turned it on, screen lit up, and we were going thru some set up. then (with no card ever in it) started blinking blue at various speeds, and also screen went blank. turning it off and on again, blinking blue but screen is totally blank. any ideas? of...
  19. davsco

    nf nxs==>shv; vortex razor hd gen2==>?

    love my two razor hd gen 2's on my dmr and 3 gun rifles. what do they have that is slightly scaled back (ie a little less coin) for hunting that you recommend, little lighter wouldn't hurt either. or is the shv (such as 4-14) the better value?
  20. davsco

    sierra game kings for elk?

    had my 7stw rebarreled and have a few old boxes of 160g federal premium sierra game kings that shot the best of the several factory ammo varieties i tried (top left). soft point boat tail. also shot some 175g doubletap nosler partitions that shot good but not quite as good (bottom middle)...