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  1. ubettcha

    Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    Our Arab stud was insured for 365K. We lost a broodmare one night when she panicked in a storm, and got hung up in her stall. New diesel pick-ups were running around 40k loaded and I was able to purchase one with part of the settlement without a second payment. One thing about horses, every...
  2. ubettcha

    Ordered a new barrel....does that mean a completely new load development is to be expected?

    Shoot your ladder at 1k. Have a portable press loading block scale trickler dies and calipers/micrometer to measure your cases. If you are using the same reamer it will be easier for seating if not do seating while breaking in the barrel. The further you do your ladder the less you need a...
  3. ubettcha

    Funny & awesome pics, vids and memes thread (work safe, no nudity)

    New twist for the current situation
  4. ubettcha

    Best varmint bullet / cartridge

    A very common coyote contest rifle is a 243 shooting the 87vmax. Mine will run that at 3320 without pressure and sub half minute to 500yds. My 243ai shoots it close to 3500fps but they will vaporize about 30% of the time when it heats up. I'm running that in the 3350 range both with 100v both...
  5. ubettcha

    Queen Nancy

    Reason #1.200000000000 why she needs to get to room temp asap
  6. ubettcha

    Truck bolt guns?

    I'd look at one of the pkg rifles XPR, 783, adl, axis, mossberg. and cut the barrel down to 16-18" You might have 400 into it so it's much less painful when it gets all dinged up. You can buy a crowning kit from Manson reamers to cut it down yourself. They can be very accurate. In my truck I...
  7. ubettcha

    Re: David Tubb DTR Scopes ?

    You would also get the app to use the reticle with many different rifles. When you watch some of his videos baboon hunting it is incredibly fast on rapidly changing distances as the baboons run up the mountains.
  8. ubettcha

    7mm bullet to use for 1 mile??

    The 197smk is testing at over G7.410 I've read upto .425 but I have only shot them to 300yds for someone else's rifle