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    Proof Carbon .338 barrel

    Mid week bump
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    Opening up a Remington 223 bolt face or reducing a 308 to .224 Valkyrie size.

    Area 419 is capable as well. If chad already has two might as well add another bolt to the pile.
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    SBR/Pistol help

    I would go pistol with an SBA3 brace. Save the money for a stamp to spend on ammo.
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    Quarantined until June 10

    Indiana is until May 1st. My wife is a nurse but is staying home with our 3 month old due to no daycare and her department being floated all over the hospital as needed. I hope this doesn’t last until June or my wife might be out of a job.
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    Savage B17 F Picatinny rail

    Looking for a recommendation on a rail for a savage b17 f. Normally I run seekins or area 419 rails.
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    17hmr ammo

    Awesome I didn’t realize there were only 2 manufacturers. I’m used to lot to lot inconsistencies though with 22lr.
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    17hmr ammo

    What 17hmr ammo is your go to ammo? My brother in law is buying a 17hmr and I plan to buy him a couple boxes of ammo for his birthday. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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    FOUND AI polymer .223 mag

    Found one
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    Rimfire Can Spraying

    If the threads aren’t concentric to the bore he will have baffle strikes.
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    So the bastard child (40s&w) is now popular again?

    I remember six years ago I went to buy a S&W shield. They had both 9 and .40 shields in stock but no 9mm ammo. Needless to say I ended up buying the .40 and regretted it later on.
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    Thermal Help-Scout not cutting it!

    I plan to add a rxq30v as well this fall for my gun. A guy I know has ran a lot of thermals and recommended the AGM for the price. After running one for a few hours I was sold. I was able to run it next to some Atn’s but I’m unsure of the models. Both worked well and detection was never an issue.
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    First Hunting Thermal

    I was told to purchase the best scanner I can afford and you can get away with a cheaper thermal scope. You can always run a light on the rifle until you can afford the scope as well.
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    Thermal Help-Scout not cutting it!

    I just purchased an AGM ASP TM25. After using one last week I was really impressed with the quality and we had no problem with detection out to several hundred yards and PID on hogs at probably 500-600 in subpar conditions.
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    SOLD (2) Accurate 10rd .223 Magazines

    I’ll take seconds if something happens.
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    .22 Target ammo wanted

    I was looking around on anschutz website and it looked like they had a lot of match ammo in stock.
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    Proof Carbon .338 barrel

    Sorry I have moved away from chassis’s lately.
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    Proof Carbon .338 barrel

    Friday bump, trades added
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    Carbon fiber stock choices

    I built my SAUM on a McMillan A3 edge and love the feel of it.
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    Best setup for under $500

    I recently saw someone ask this question in a thermal/nv group and the answer was buy a thermal scanner and a light. Everyone recommended the agm asp micro scanner.
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    Proof Carbon .338 barrel

    Looking to sell my Proof Research carbon .338 sendero barrel to a new home. It is 26” sendero contour with a 1:10 twist. Asking $625 shipped. Looking for cash