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    Made the HAM radio step

    Good luck on earning your Technician Class ticket. You're lucky you don't have to pass Morse code. I had to pass the 13 wpm Morse code back in the days to earn my General Class. After the FCC dropped the 20 wpm requirement, I went and got my Extra class. Now there's no Morse code requirement for...
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    Non crappy digiscope phone case/mount option?

    I wasn't happy with mine either. Trying to get the image into alignment was slow and cumbersome.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    I noticed .408 CheyTac and .375 CheyTac was spelled ChetTac under BARREL OPTIONS in the AX50 ELR spec sheet.
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    What happened to billiard/pool halls?

    There are two pool halls within 4-5 miles of me and a billiards store. Near where I used to live there were a couple of pool halls along with two snooker halls (2/3 of the tables were snooker tables). I don't have room in the home for a pool table so I settled for a nice Tornado Foosball table...
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    Pistol Light

    Streamlight TLR-1 is the best bang for your buck and a reputable light that has a long history. They go for around $110-120. Uses two CR123. It's a very popular model so holsters for your pistol+TLR-1 are easy to come by. TLR-1 - regular model 300 lumens $110-120 TLR-1s - with strobe feature...
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    Flat or curved?

    If earth is flat, can we ignore coriolis effect then?
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    Best out of box accuracy for NRL22 comp

    Interesting. i learned something new. I didn't know that once a rifle is discontinued it defaults to open class.
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    Aw mags

    Accuracy International AT and AW magazines are the same. Double stack, double feed. The AI Arctic Warfare was the first to use the double stack double feed magazine. The AI AT, successor, followed suit and used the same magazine.
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    Accuracy international

    Like driving a car at the race track. Slamming your foot on the gas pedal and slamming on the brakes end up shifting the balance of the vehicle poorly and can break traction. On the other hand, driving smooth is fast. May not feel as fast, but smooth usually maintains a higher average speed than...
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    Picatinny rails. WTF?

    Car tire sizes vary from brand to brand too. The tires may have the exact same indicated dimensions (example: 285/75R16) but the overall diameters are different between brands. Varying 0.25-0.75" diameter in size different.
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    Hello from New Zealand

    Welcome to the Hide. I've visited New Zealand three times and went on many adventures there including tandem skydiving from 15,000 ft (4,572 m).
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    Mini Thirty vs AK47

    My friend with a Mini-30 said the same thing. Does not shoot steel cased rounds. That means can't buy cheap steel case 7.62x39 rounds and have to buy the more expensive brass cased stuff. Plus the Mini-30 is very picky about magazines; basically Ruger mags only. Too many cons on the Ruger. If...
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    Drop leg holster

    For the Gunfighters Inc Kenai Chest Holsters: Ready to ship... For custom...
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    Need a AK for the new year.

    Going to have to look on the used market for Saiga since they're now allowed to get imported into the USA anymore.
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    Need a AK for the new year.

    Since you guys keep talking about the VZ58 I just happened to run across this article that Brownell's is going to sell an exclusive version of the VZ58.
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    Survival Movies

    I saw that too. When on an international flight I end up watching many movies.
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    Reasoning for a 308 rifle

    I was so tempted to buy the green TRG 22 in the PX. Was available for a while until someone finally nabbed it.
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    SOLD: Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x56 EBR-7C MRAD (Sealed Box)

    Worked earlier when I was looking. Now it doesn't work after refreshing.
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    $500 Off Razor Gen II

    I'll call second in line, but highly unlikely. Dang it! I missed out.
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    My FedEx experience in 3 pictures

    The "real" FedEx is the one with the purple-and-orange logo. Contractor FedEx is the purple-and-green logo. The "real" FedEx does all the air shipments and some of the ground shipments. FedEx sells routes for certain areas (example: Alaska) and that's when you see the purple-and-green FedEx...