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    Keystone Accuracy Barrel Sale

    Got my 223 barrel in and mounted up. Loaded 75gr eldm's to mag length and shot a bunch of groups with 24gr Precision powder from Shooters World. Didnt chrono or anything like that but 5 out of the 6 groups were just under .5 moa and the one that wasnt was the very first group at .6 moa. I think...
  2. J

    2020 Manners Snipers Hide Group Buy

    Since you guys are talking numbers, gotta show this off a little cause I'm super proud of it. 😁😁😁
  3. J

    So this just happened

    That was a good read, Trump with the 🔥🔥🔥
  4. J

    Custom Warhorse bag shout out.

    I contacted Warhorse after having a Tactical Udder and a mini GC at the same time. I love the design of the Saracen/Udder but the canvas of the mini GC was unreal. I asked them if they could make me a custom Saracen using waxed canvas and after some...
  5. J

    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    It's your house and I get that, but again for me personally I wasnt trying to have a "gotcha" moment at all. BUT as you've stated, you probably get a lot of shit like that on a daily basis that we never see. I read on here a lot and chime in very little, why in the hell would I try and start...
  6. J

    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    I gotta ask, is the recoil pad on upside down for a reason? I'm sure there is a legit reason for it just like the bipod backwards thing, but I'm curious what that reason would be.
  7. J

    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    Cover looks good.... I'm in disbelief that this has went this way but whatever man.
  8. J

    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    LMAO, I edited it to add "preordered" like everyone else... If you cant see the humor in a backward mounted harris bipod on the cover of the HMIC's book I feel sorry for you. You are wound to tight and getting after me for no reason other than being a dick.
  9. J

    New Book on Long Range Shooting

    Not sure what about my post constitutes a "troll", maybe the part where I said there is probably a legit reason for it being like that? Or maybe the fact I stated that Harris bipods are always getting killed on here? (Which they are) The fact you stated "no fucking way" goes right along with why...
  10. J

    Manners PRS TCS

    There is a group buy going on right now in the group buy section. Otherwise they are $1495 I believe.
  11. J

    Manners PRS TCS

    Got out and did a little more practice with the TCS, it really is a badass stock.
  12. J

    Pint Size Sticky Gamechanger

    It's the heavy sand fill. Looks new just not for me. Sold
  13. J

    Warhorse WC Clede SPF

    Price drop!!
  14. J

    Warhorse WC Clede SPF

    Bump. Open to reasonable offers. I'd like to get it moved.
  15. J

    Bipod for new build

    I had a Ckye-pod and thought it was awesome. But for me, I just didnt ever use it any other way than a normal bipod. I ended up selling it in favor for a cal gen 2. It's my second cal, and I'm still not a huge fan of the cant adjustment but it checks all other boxes for me. A few weeks ago i got...
  16. J

    WTT/WTS OG full size sticky gamechanger

    Just got it today. It's a fantastic bag but I've decided to keep my original Reasor GC and add a pint size. Bag is literally like new, maybe a little dirt as I threw it around on objects around the house. Pretty much open to any style pint sized GC. If you want to strike a deal shoot me a...