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    Mack Bro’s SS Evo

    Are they taking down names or do we just have to wait until they're on the website?
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    Remington 700 SA SS .308 receiver

    Never built Remington 700 stainless short action. .308 bolt face. What you see is what you get. (Scale not included) $330 shipped to your FFL. They must accept shipments from individuals.
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    Warne 34mm rings and rail

    Rings and rail are sold.
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    What happens when the next catastrophic event occurs?

    Typical. Sorry your girl lost. I'll never understand how a gun owner could vote against their self-interests.
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    “Budget” Custom actions

    Impact Bighorn ARC
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    “Budget” Custom actions

    Look at pre-fit barrel availably and pricing. Spending another $100 or so on an action could net you lower priced and/or more barrel options.
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    2020 Manners Snipers Hide Group Buy

    Order sent for a PRS-TCS in Elite High Plains
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    Help with next Manners stock order

    Incoherent rambling
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    Medium Length Actions / XM...Who Makes EM?

    Who makes mags for the XM actions?
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    2020 Manners Snipers Hide Group Buy

    Whats the weight of the MCS-TCS without any of weights? It's a tossup between the TCS and a T4A Team cut for a full bull barrel and an Impact action. Unrelated question, do you make a mini-chassis for the Defiance XM length actions?
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    Short r700 20 moa base?

    Leupold and Warne. LRI said they could make one as well.
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    Warne 34mm rings and rail

    Warne SA rail and 34mm rings $80 shipped-SOLD
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    Bergara has a new rimfire.

    Any talk of a Pro model yet?