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    Midland - GXT1000VP4 or similar

    Looking to pick up some radios for multiple applications. Budget is $100 and would like 3 radios.; me, wife and whomever for camping, hunting, fishing, range, hiking and to play around with my grandkids ages 11 and under. I did a quick review and Midland - GXT1000VP4 have good review w/ 3...
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    Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack FS

    X3 LoDrag Pack, perfect matches and seved me well. Does has some damage, using as a rest, it rolled as the trigget broke and has bullet damage. It is fully functional for many years of use. I have used it many times since with no issue. Why am I selling? Don't use it any more. Price $175 money...
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    Moving, shipping guns to myself

    Moving this summer back to Alaska and need to ship my guns to myself and am finding it not as easy as I thought. FedEx and UPS will only ship to a FFL and USPS will not ship handguns. I know its done all the time so, anyone have any tips. Thanks
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    Adams Arms Contact or help from someone

    Does anyone have a good contact email or phone number for Adams Arms? I have been trying to contact them for weeks leaving messages by phone, some days their phone box will not accept messages and through their contact froms on their web with no success. I am trying to remain respectful and...
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    Jack is back

    Seems like 24 is back on for a new season May 2014
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    Font Size

    Some how the font size of just the Hide forum has changed to so small, even with my glasses on I can barely see and read. Any tech guru out there with help, again, only the Hide forum, nothing else. thanks for who can help
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    Core M4 Piston AR, should I or shouldn't I, that is the question?

    I tried a search but I am not real computer literate so either direct me or add something new. I am looking at picking up a Core M4 piston AR, this one: Complete CORE15 Rifles :: .223/5.56 :: CORE15® M4 Piston Rifle - I read others reviews but not real helpful. I do not need or want its...
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    Vortex PST or Leupold VX-R Patrol

    Looking at these to add some precision for longer ranges on semi 308. This is for fun toy nothing else, punching paper and steel to include 1 gal water jugs out to 500. I prefer everything about the PST but the small reticle that I find very hard to see and doubtful I could use it with old...
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    Anybody Watch Street Outlaws?

    Street Outlaws : Discovery Channel I know its TV drama with a script but the show has peeked my interest. I use to street race, wow how things have changed. We had to drive our cars to four corners and lake to race, no trailers, no tower lighting, no medics, just cars and racing.
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    Vortex Viper PST 1-4 MRAD questions

    For those running the PST, I am looking at the MRAD to top my SOCOM M1A. My wants is to stretch the legs with some better precision or ability to dissect targets better out to around 300 maybe 500 yet still work inside the house and out in the yard or bush. No comps, not an operator just average...
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    EoTech corroded battery help

    Went to the range yesterday and Eotec 512 did not show life life. Popped open the batter compartment to find the right AA corroded and white corrosion inside the battery compartment. Any tips on how to remove the corrosion? I am thinking a baking soda flush. I stalled new batteries and it...
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    KUIU Manufacturing Going To China

    For all you KUIU fans!!! If this was posted yesterday when it was announced, sorry I could not find it here but...
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    Mossberg 715T any thoughts?

    I have a Nylon 66, 597 and a 10/22. I am looking for another or new plinker, cheap one that is in a tacticool for the grand babies to enjoy. I was thinking of the SW MP22 but this is half the price just for plinking cans and such with the boys and 5 grand babies. It feels cheap and I am not sure...
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    Laserlyte K-15 input?

    Anybody run one of these: Pros and cons please? I am not an high speed low drag operator just want it for fun time and tactikewlness. I may run it for home defense on rifle with an EoTech already if it works out though, or maybe my shotgun. Trying to...
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    Any intel on Desert Tactical Las Vegas?

    Anyone used them and have intel? They have a few odd pieces of kit I want but got burnt by not researching in the past so.... Thanks
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    Auto Ordnance 1911A1 Army

    I was thinking of picking one of these up $450. Pretty ruff but I like the 1911A1 look compared to most flashy 1911's today and US Army rolled on the slide tops it off. US Made. Any input good or bad?
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    Anybody order'd TacPro from Fabsports out of Canda

    I am thinking about a Tacpro cheek rest and they have them the cheapest I have found but never heard of Fabsports and have been taken from a couple e-commerce orders. Thanks
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    Star Targets....what a blast

    If you have not tried Star Targets, big bang with white smoke cloud. Plenty of video on their web sight with these but I would get yours while you can. Be careful mixing up more than the 2.5# can.
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    Panther 7.62 Oracle

    I am thinking of picking one of these up as the price is right, I like to have a flat top, do not know why just do as I like the looks. Looking at Troy, I see no hand guards rails for that type of gas block, only the A2 and all for 5.56 and only one for 7.62. I would like to have a pic for a...
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    Looking for a Wool Sweater

    I am looking for a 100% wool sweater, a so called commando sweater. I had one back in the 70s and 80s, either Norwegian or British issue. Kind of a faded dark OD / brown. It was very thick tight knit wool with leather patches on the shoulders and elbows, lasted for years, performed well in cold...