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    Anyone familiar with MD laws willing to shed some light on something for me

    Due to circumstances I am looking to sell a few items from my collection. One of the rifles I have chosen to part with started life as an AR lower that i had to fill out the 77r to obtain. What I am finding tough to determine is if I need to do anything abnormal to sell this rifle because it...
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    Shout out to Vortex customer service.

    So I ordered some PMR rings from an online vendor and when I finally got around to getting them on the rifle (months later) I noticed that I was missing two of the ring cap screws. I have no idea if I got an open box special or if they just fell out in transfer etc. but there were gone. So I...
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    Help me choose a cartridge for a long action build.

    I'm dreaming up a new rifle build and I want it to be a long action because i don't currently have any long action rifles. That said I'm having a tough time deciding on the cartridge I want to build around. So I'm fishing for some suggestions based on the following criteria Needs to be...