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    Is C-19 just a distraction or

    There is a running story out there that indicates that some high profile arrests are coming / pre planned riots will occur in major cities to prevent arrest of higher food chain folks / martial law. As the story goes, order will be restored and the corrupt tried. Look around. What major changes...
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    You need some Korean friends on your roof. Seriously - best of luck.
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    What you don't understand about San Francisco

    Next week when the Wuhan Lock Down comes.....what 25% of SF? 40% of SF? doesn't have the resource$ for 30 days worth of sustenance or preps laid up - it be just as if EBT were shut off. May get spicy. Best of luck. It's coming.
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    Donald Trump’s coronavirus advice just might kill us

    You should probably consider the very real possibility that COVID19 is all around you, now.....and it means about as much as the Flu except for certain groups. Also remember the reason why viruses are used in Bio Weapons - the virus attacks and then unpacks a payload. We are at the point today...
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    Donald Trump’s coronavirus advice just might kill us

    Big Union fans probably ought to know more about David Rockefeller and the CFR.......
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    Donald Trump’s coronavirus advice just might kill us

    Ironic isn't it? Trade talks with WinnieThePoo break down in late August, COVID19 breaks out in early October.....Iran says FU during the fall of 2019..... The biggest winners in COVID19 lottery? Just bad luck on their part? Sure...sure it is, b/c they both eat bats at the fish market.
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    Working construction and everyday carry

    I agree your blaster needs to be on you at all times. That said and esp in an NPE (non permissive environment) a blaster is simply what gets you to some thing better. What do you carry on to every job site? - a bucket with tools or box? Put a G19 or a g26 in there (either Israeli w/ no cover...
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    Daddy Must Be So Proud of His ET Fugly Kid

    I wonder if what they say about Spielberg is true?
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    Does this qualify for the RICO act?

    It has always been a scam........ Related: The Age of Entitlement If the consequences of civil rights law have been as totalitarian as Caldwell says, why has the harassed majority not revolted? The short answer is that they tried. Caldwell identifies the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 as...
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    Things you want to improve in 2020

    Night time (NODs) - particularly being more efficient in getting set up - ranging, wind reading, doped and dialed.
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    Here is my field gear. Looking for Opinions.

    White jeans......and that porn stach
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    Value SR25 ECC

    Barfcom has a very enthusiastic KAC section. Might check in there.
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    Mayor Pete's Service

    It's a rollup with a lot of information about Pete, his parents, his education, his relationship with McKinsey Corp (with an inset article on what McKinsey Corp is or does), his nearly unique MIL service, and general spoofiness surrounding Pete's life.
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    Mayor Pete's Service

    Who is Mayor Pete?
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    Muller report is in....

    ‘News' created for mouthbreathers......
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    Gillibrand vs Constitution

    It is an allstar list... I think they think there is protection in it. They are ‘attacked’ b/c they are ‘opponents’. They raise cash that can be siphoned for legal expenses. It keeps a mic in their face so as to confuse the dumb. They get SS protection as of July 6, 2020
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    Muller report is in....

    Erno, you need to give back all that ShareBlow're not good at this. Orange vs Origin - He’s trolling, “Orange Man Bad” vs - RR independently and without notification hires Mueller as SC - T$ told he is not under investigation by Comey - RR advised T$ to fire Comey - McCabe...
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    Gillibrand vs Constitution

    NXIVM / Spermy Daniels / Smullett / Schiffty and the Standard Hotel / Barry and Honey Sherman / Haiti / Clinton (crime) Foundation / Epstein / Weinstein / Alphabets and historic fuckery against the citizens / Familial or social connections of all players going back through time....... Like...
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    U.S.A. / Huwai / Canada

    That is EXACTLY what IS going on - but not by Nation States, by individuals; and they are trusting that if they keep lying to you through the media, b/c you don’t see the world this way - you’ll never know. National Intelligence services in conjunction w/ corrupt leaders and officials in the 5...
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    FaraCANT just stepped over the line !

    Must be the beginning of a money bomb / fundraiser for his criminal enterprise, ehr umm - non profit organization that receives favorable tax status and grant funding. IIRC he’s been pimpin the idea of a separate black state for some time now....I think he has designs on Head Dashiki Wearer Guy...