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  1. Bigrederic

    FS Manners CS2

    MANNERS CS2 in Scorch Earth. Has a gen 2 mini chassis for R700 and includes $1350 shipped.a additional matching cheek piece. Like new in excellent condition, no skiffs scratches.
  2. Bigrederic

    Kahels Gen 3 SKMR 3 LSW FS

    6x24 56mm Flawless condition, box manuals everything, even sunshade. Includes Tennebrex covers and Spuhr mount included. $2400
  3. Bigrederic

    WTB 6.5 PRC brass

    Looking to see if there is any once fired 6.5 PRC brass out there.
  4. Bigrederic

    FS Vortex Gen1 PST( Sold ) and HSLR

    PST sold. I have a PST Gen 1 and a HSLR both are 6x24 50mm. PST has rings, unsure manufacturer, but were told they were Mark 4s, both are MOA with PST being a SFP EBR1 Reticle and the HSLR being FFP XLR reticle. $400 each shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  5. Bigrederic

    338 Ultra vs Ultra 9

    I am looking to get another rifle can, but thos time for my 300NM. I am up in the air on a .338 Ultra or a Ultra 9. I am leaning on the 338, in case I even have a 338 Lapua barrel spun up. Ideas??
  6. Bigrederic

    SSG69 P1

    I have a SSG69 with set triggers I acquired in a trade a few years back I am interested in selling. I have only shot it twice maybe and not even a full box either time. These guns are pieces of history, and are factory hammers. Gun has 30mm Styer rings, a new in box 10rnd magazine, both are...
  7. Bigrederic

    WTB 300 Norma Peterson brass.

    If anyone has any for sale.
  8. Bigrederic

    Stock help for 300 Norma build.

    So, I have recently embarked on building a 300 Norma Mag, I am having Area 419 do the barreled action, and I sourced a Manners stock off the sales forum in here after I was having no luck finding a new one on the shelf our there for sale. I ended up buying a Manners T4A in raw carbon fiber...
  9. Bigrederic

    300 Norma glass.

    So, long story short, a few months back I built a 6.5PRC, and in the process I upgraded the glass on my .308 at the same time. I ended up settling on S&Bs PMIIs with H59s. I decided to make the jump from MOA to MiL and not look back. I had been shooting my .308 with a Vortex PST, first gen 2nd...
  10. Bigrederic

    300 PRC or Norma for next build ??

    So, I have been got this urge to build a Magnum rifle after handling my friends 300 Norma. I just finished my 6.5 PRC a few months ago, and of course now I want to do another build. I keep thinking a 300 PRC would be cheaper, and the specs are not far off of the Norma. But is it worth the...
  11. Bigrederic

    Some what new to Long range shooting, man this get addicting fast.

    I am longtime pistol and AR shooter/collector that was itching to try long range. I looked at all kinds of rifles almost all of them being out of the box ( LTRs, Savage, Tikka ect.) for about a year or so... I ended up buying my Armalite AR-10 a Mark4 and started plinking away my .308 supply . I...
  12. Bigrederic

    Help picking scope for a new rifle build.

    So, I started my journey shooting long range with a Kimber Advanced tactical rifle .308 that I bought from my LT that was retiring. That rifle was equipped with a PST GEN 1 SFP scope in MOA. The rifle shoots fabulous with it and it has taught me a ton. I have stretched this .308 out to over...