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    Shitty laws

    I am so pissed about laws. There are some stupid fucking laws. I was at my kids school concert. There was a convicted child molester there. I even took pictures of him there. I forwarded them to a buddy (and Marine brother) who is an officer. He spoke to the prosecutor of the county we live in...
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    Background check?

    How hard is the background check for a suppressor? I am thinking of getting a suppressor. The reason I am asking is b/c in my younger days I was arrested several times for misdemeanors and sentenced to jail (minor consumptions and public intox). The reason I went to jail is b/c I was arrested 3...
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    Does anyone know if AI will be offering any 6.5 choices, or if Mile high will be offering bartlein barrels in these calibers? I am hoping mile high might chime in. Oh yea, thanks Mile High. My wife seen the new AIAX on your Facebook page and said she loved it. She wants one. At least my wife...
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    Help me with caliber

    I am working on a build for my wife. I had her look at different rifles, actions, stocks, ect. Let me say she has pretty good taste. So far we are looking at a KMW Sentinel and badger action. What I need help with is caliber. She is use to shooting a 223, but thought about getting her into a...
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    Pistol build?

    I seen where you can buy a 80% lower receivers. Is it possible to build a AR style pistol with one and not break any federal laws (as long as I use a pistol buffer and not a butt stock)? Are the receiver pins for the pistol and AR rifles even the same spacing to build off one of the 80% lowers...
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    Muzzle threading?

    I have a question? I noticed that on brownells website on the muzzle threading bits that there is different , I am guessing thread angles ( square, 55 degree, 60 degree). What the different degree's for? Does it matter what's used? I never noticed when ordering a muzzle brake, ect they never...
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    Muzzle Brake/adaptor?

    I am getting a AIAE mkIII. It has a 24" barrel. I am thinking of having it cut to 20" and have a brake installed. I was thinking the Surfire SRMB-762 5/8-24 or SAS T.O.M.B brake. Does anyone run these brakes? Do they work good for felt recoil? I am thinking about getting a suppressor later on so...
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    Scope Mount?

    I am wanting to get a Nightforce ATACR and wanting to use it on both a AIAE and DTA SRS. Will I be able to use a SPUHR Mount and be able to use it on both rifles? Is anyone running this combo? Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else. Is the only difference between the SRS and Covert chassis (not including the barrel) the forend rail?
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    Tikka Performance (website) and Jard??

    Does anyone have experience with Tikka Performance ( I am thinking of getting the Jard Trigger for my Tikka T3. Has anyone tried a Jard T3 or a Jard Trigger before? How are they? I am also thinking of getting a new recoil lug off them also...
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    SAC TRG-22 260 Rem

    I finally got back my TRG from SAC. Mark did a outstanding job. I would recommend him to anyone. I have not been able to get it to the range yet (b/w work and selling my house which I just got sold so on to moving). I am so excited, I cant wait to get her out for a test drive. Here is some...
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    Nemesis Arms??

    Is there any sponsers on here that sells the Nemesis Vanquish in .308? I am looking for a seller and the price if anyone can chime in. Thanks
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    Decisions, what do you think??

    I am having trouble deciding. I have been wanting to get a AI for a long time. I have decided I am going to get a AIAE. I am thinking about selling my rifle that I had upgraded piece by piece over time as money has permited. I am proud of it and love it. It is my first precision rifle. I am...
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    Is there any sponsors here on the Hide that does Ionbond coating? I am thinking of getting one of my rifle bolts coated. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get my bolt done?
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    Rifle?? 6.5-338 Lapua

    I found a caliber that I never heard of and wandering if anyone has heard of or seen a rifle chambered in it? The cartridge is 6.5-338 Lapua. It launches a 139gr scenar at 3780 FPS. Here is the link and its at the bottom of the page under "High Velocity 6.5mm". Its interesting to see how it...
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    Scope?? and help

    I am wanting a scope to put on a Savage FV-SR .22LR. I think I am narrowed down to choice between the following. 1) Vortex Crossfire II 4-16x44 2) Mueller 8.5-25x50 Eraticator 3) Mueller 8.5-25x44 Tactical There is things I like and dislike about each. For one on the Mueller I like the higher...
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    20 MOA base??

    Is a 20 MOA base really needed for a 22LR?
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    1:11 Twist rate??

    I am having my Sako Rebarreled to a 260 Rem. I am keeping the factory barrel and thought about putting it on my Tikka and rethreading it and changing the caliber. I am wanting to use it for Varmint hunting. What cartridge would be best for a 1:11" twist?
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    260 barrel length??

    I am rebarreling a Sako TRG in 260 Rem with 1-8"twist. If I push the bullet at 2770fps out of a 24" barrel (SouthWest Ammo numbers). Should I stick with a 24" or should I get a 26" barrel? I am looking at shooting either 140gr VLD's or 140gr SMK's out to 1000yds.
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    Sako Barrel switch??

    I am getting my Sako switched to a 260. I am thinking about keeping the barrel and getting a action wrench and barrel vise. How hard is it the switch back and forth from barrel to barrel?