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  1. Hippy_Steve

    WTS/WTT Federal gmm .308win 168gr, 500 rounds price reduced

    Federal gold metal match .308win 168gr for sale. $450 cash, paypal f&f, or bitcoin. Local pickup only. Located in Pullman, WA, but I'll drive up to Spokane for an extra $30 to pay for my diesel and time. This ad is posted on armslist and northwest firearms. I'm selling because I only shoot 6.5...
  2. Hippy_Steve

    WTS: 24” 308 AI factory barrel, not threaded

    Selling my mounted but unfired 308 AI barrel. bbl length is 24" and is not threaded. This barrel came with the used AT I bought, so I'm unsure of what the twist rate is. I think it's unfired because the rifling is immaculate, there is no visible signs of throat wear, copper fouling or burnt...
  3. Hippy_Steve

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  4. Hippy_Steve

    Bobro left side duel lever 30mm mount

    For sale is a like new bobro left side duel lever 30mm mount. Used to mount an NXS (sale pending). Selling to try something different. No defects, malfunctions or blemishes. Price is firm, $250 shipped. No trades at this time please.
  5. Hippy_Steve

    NXS 2.5-10x32mm w/ bobro

    NXS2.5-10x32mm moa/moa sfp illum with c482 reticle $1100 shipped. No original box lens caps included as pictured illumination is finicky, might need to be serviced by NF left side 30mm bobro duel lever QD mount $250 shipped. $1300 shipped and insured for both. Will take bitcoin if that's how...
  6. Hippy_Steve

    What to ask when searching for a class

    What are good questions to ask class instructors before taking a class? I want to know what to ask so i can separate the wheat from the chaff and avoid wasting my money and time being conned by a precision rifle rex-kuon-dow "expert". I know just enough to be dangerous, but i still have a lot...
  7. Hippy_Steve

    What safe company do you trust most?

    I've decided to get a safe for my rifles. I've been looking at a few companies such as Sturdy, AMSEC, Fort Knox, Kodiak, Rhino, and even Graffunder. Of all, I'm leaning towards Sturdy to secure my valuables, but I want to get an idea of what you guys use. Given your current safe, what would you...
  8. Hippy_Steve

    [wts] Benelli M2 field w/ factory realtree finish SOLD

    Up for sale is my left handed M2 field. Chambered in 12ga, 26" barrel, factory realtree finish, comfortech stock. Has between 500 and 1000 rounds through it, but is very clean. I'm the first and only owner, bought it in 2011, and I've never had a malfunction. I love this shotgun, but life is...
  9. Hippy_Steve

    [wts/wtt] Atlas BT10

    Selling my used atlas BT10-NC to fund an upgrade to the gen 2 CAL. Functionally perfect, but minor signs of use. I'll do a direct trade for a gen 2 CAL, and I'll pay for shipping going both ways. $190 shipped to your door SOLD
  10. Hippy_Steve

    [sold] Spuhr SP-5001 35mm

    Spuhr SP-5001 for sale, like new in box. I mounted a Leupold Mark 5 in it, torqued everything to spec, but never got an opportunity to shoot. Everything looks brand new, including the box. Sold. I will direct trade for a Spuhr SP-4001.
  11. Hippy_Steve

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  12. Hippy_Steve

    [SOLD] leupold mark 5 3.6-18x44mm M5C3 TMR w/ spuhr 5001

    I'm playing with the idea of trading my Mark 5. I really like it, but I'm getting the itch to try something different. Both scope and mount are very clean, and the scope tracks true. I am the original owner of both scope and mount, and possess all accessories that come with both, which are...
  13. Hippy_Steve

    [WTS] Hera linear comp

    Used Fat Bastard Brake, threaded 18x1.5, 6.5mm This Fat Bastard came off of a AIAT that I bought used, and replaced with a TBAC CB brake. It's a little dirty, but no thread lock was used. $130 shipped SOLD Gen 1 Hera linear compensator threaded 1/2x28 Used, but no box. Very clean, no powder...
  14. Hippy_Steve

    build a rifle or buy factory?

    I'm left handed and I can't afford a AI. Should I slowly piece together a rifle and have it assembled by a competent gunsmith, or should I buy a semi-custom gun from GA Precision or Mile High? Money is obviously a limiting factor since I can't afford an AI outright.
  15. Hippy_Steve

    Stock recommendations for a post-64 long action model 70

    I picked up my post-64 (mfg 1981) M70 from my new gunsmith today. He threaded the barrel for me so I could suppress it. He also shed light onto some serious problems on my rifle that I didn't know about. A little background: This M70 is chambered in 300winmag and was given to me by my dad...
  16. Hippy_Steve

    Best 300winmag factory ammo for maximizing shot distance?

    I don't have time to reload, but I want to push the limits of my M70 300winmag. It has a Krieger 1:9 26" SS barrel that likes Barnes LRX-BT 190g copper solids. I found this particular cartridge to be an excellent big game hunting/long range shooting crossover. I seem to have lucked out that it...
  17. Hippy_Steve

    Laser range finder for hunting conditions

    Hey everyone, My old range finder finally died (decade old leupold), so I'm on the market for a new one. I want to keep it light weight, compact, and reliably effective on nonreflective targets out to 700 yards. I'm not under pressure to get one for this season because I didn't draw, so I can...
  18. Hippy_Steve

    Should I build a .308win for training?

    I want to build a .308win to train my marksmanship. I'm aware of .308win's limitations, which is exactly why I want to train with it. I figure my deficiencies in my fundamentals will be magnified, giving me better feedback to improve on. Moreover, I'll be forced to make more careful observations...
  19. Hippy_Steve

    Height over bore: how important is it really?

    How much is too much height over bore? I bought a Spuhr SP-5006 mount for my Mark 5 3.8-18. I didn't realize how tall my Nightforce scope rail would sit on top of my model 70 action. After a combination of rookie mistakes, there is a .63" gap between the top of my barrel and bottom of the Mark...
  20. Hippy_Steve

    New guy in East Washington State

    Hi everyone, I suppose this is where I start. I'm looking to join a group of shooters on the east side of Washington/west side of Idaho. I'm a life long shooter, but I'm new to shooting at ranges beyond 500 yards.