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    Y'all seen this? Christopher Sign didn't kill himself.......or his family.
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    A Dangerous Possibility--CIA infiltrating Congress as Democrat Candidates?

    It appears to me the CIA is one of the alphabet agencies most weaponized against the citizens of the US, and now there seems to be a movement to get CIA ops elected to Congress.
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    No way this could be used for evil, right?

    I can see this increasing the trafficking of children exponentially ........ YOU decide if this is a nazi experiment gone wild or is it just me.
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    Win 748 - act now

    Excellent rifle powder, almost as universal as 4895 Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply INC
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    Lapua 22lr

    I know this should probably be posted somewhere else, but is listing several different types Lapua 22LR in stock as of 0600 CST 2-8-14.
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    powders available NOW

    Midsouth shooters supply is showing good stuff in stock as of 10:30 AM CST Monday I saw TAC, Acc 2230, Acc 4350, Acc 2495
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    Winchester 748

    Win 748 is an excellent powder that I have not seen in stock anywhere in a year. Just checked Powder Valley at 7am CST, 12/16, and they have 1 pounders in stock. If you've been looking for 748 you better hurry.
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    heads up-cheapest primers I've seen

    They just updated the page today for the first time in a month or 3. CCI mil primers etc at the before panic prices. Got mine ordered.
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    Another powder in stock alert

    Powder Valley has several popular Hodgdon and IMR powders in stock as of 4:20 pm 11/13/13 H4350 8lb H4895 1 lb H335 1 and 8 lb H4831 1 and 8 lb IMR 4064 1 and 8 lb IMR 4350 1 and 8 lb Several others as well
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    Heads up H335 in stock

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    Hi-Tech Ammo---anybody heard from them?

    I have done business with them in the past and would like to continue to do so. I see the web page hasn't been updated since April. I sent a couple emails under "contact us" on their website but have received no response. ANYbody heard from them lately?
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    newbie question

    I am currently waiting on my first NFA item, a YHM 7.62 Phantom titanium. My dealer has it but I can't get it til I get paperwork. The form 4 was sent in sometime around the first of April. I called ATF about a month ago and the girl told me it went "pending June 1 and takes 3 to 4 months-...