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  1. Cascade Precision

    Most underrated equipment

    I just shot a match and knew that times were going to be tight, so I wrote everything down the night before on my armboard. Saved so much time. I did not go by little increments, just enough to get good dope for a hit.
  2. Cascade Precision

    Most underrated equipment

    3 legged fold up stool. I carry one on my pack everywhere (hunting and comps). Gives me a hasty elevated front rest, a place to sit, and if I set my tripod up right, I can sit and shoot and be above vegetation.
  3. Cascade Precision


    I found this and knew that if ANY ONE had knowledge, it'd be you Frank. 2028 is going to be the year!!!
  4. Cascade Precision

    Heads up on Leupold Mark 5 Kestrel rebate submissions

    I don't know if you can use both of not (VIP and kestrel). Be interesting to know.
  5. Cascade Precision

    Heads up on Leupold Mark 5 Kestrel rebate submissions

    Any word on if they will accept purchases prior to 01/13/2020? My order was 01/09/2020....
  6. Cascade Precision

    OMR prefit barrels

    I have used them on a few rifles (all 300WM). These were not pre-fit, but rather carbon blanks that I installed. They shoot very well with factory ammo (1/2 moa and better). As with most applications, some are picky with ammo. But if you have a quality ammo, these barrels hammer.
  7. Cascade Precision

    ***sold*** MDT ACC 50% certificate

    Title says it all. I won't be using it, hopefully someone else will. $300 delivered.
  8. Cascade Precision

    **Sold** Vortex Viper PST gen 1 4-16x50 MRAD FFP

    4-16x50 FFP with quick throw lever. Mounted on my hunting rifle, just not what I'm after for hunting. Asking $420 delivered. PP plus fees or postal money order. Factory photo, if you need actual photos, please ask.