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    Questions on the lower end of the market

    I want a cheap starter rifle to get into shooting long range something like a savage axis or a howa or Steven any one have thought on a beginner small baby step into long range iv seen people post the savage 10T for 599 or less but they are rare I hear
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    Pretty dumb observation question

    a pretty brain dead question so please don't hate I was wondering what the small front site on military sniper rifles is for is it just a marker so they know where the top and center of the barrel is when machining or does it have a purpose ? Iv seen them on like top sniper and shows like it and...
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    Hello all from ID

    I'm whoami iv creeped this site for about 3 years on and off found it searching info in Google by fare the best site for long range knowledge and IMO the best community A little about me I live in Idaho I'm 22years young :D been interested in long range shooting since I was tiny iv been...