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    .22 Target ammo wanted

    Want Wolf or SKS for practice Up to 1 case

    7x57 Mauser

    Looks to be a sporterized military rifle---how do I tell what model it is for re-barreling and re-stocking?? Need a source for scope mount also and possibly a trigger.

    Mauser 7x57

    I see I can order a barrel from Lothar Walther and a stock from Boyd's; where do I get scope mounts and trigger?? The rifle is a sporterized (bad job) and I ned to figure out what exact model it is to order a barrel and stock. Any help would be appreciated as this is to be a do-it-all rifle for...


    Knowledgeable and easy to deal with—-5 star rating!


    Is a great person to deal with and made as advertised!

    17 mk2 ammo——WTB also

    looking for Wolf match, SKS, and CCI. Lmk what you have

    Lar Dragoon

    Several transactions , always delivers to expectations


    Great to deal with—-I hope he calls me 1st when selling next time! Great comms, speedy shipper, and product exceeded expectations!


    Good to deal with—-products as advertised and ships promptly
  10. BERTMAN77MK2


    One of the good guys! 😎. Great communication and product representation. Shipped ASAP and as advertised! In a word: Integrity
  11. BERTMAN77MK2

    Athlon H59

    Do any of the better Athlon scopes come with the Horus reticle?
  12. BERTMAN77MK2

    7mm Mauser bolt gun

    obviously a 7x57 caliber---with this bolt face what calibers can the action be rebarreled to? Also looking to re-stock and mount a scope on. This is to be a budget 1st deer rifle for my grandson. My only experience with bolt guns is Rem short action. Thank you for any facts or opinions
  13. BERTMAN77MK2

    Ring size for Gen 1 Razor

    what rings (brand and size) for a Gen 1 Razor 5X20 50 mm? (Very heavy bull barrel) vortex says 35mm but others say "34" mm will work??
  14. BERTMAN77MK2

    H59 or...........

    I cannot afford a Leupold or tier 1 scope with Horus reticle----what is best bet for a lesser price that you could recommend?
  15. BERTMAN77MK2

    .357 Magnum 6 and 8" hunting loads

    Please post your favorite bullet/powder combo. Yes, I have reloading manuals---just wanting to see exactly what others have for their pet loads. The revolver is a Dan Wesson with all barrels, shooting to 125 yds, (coyote, deer, hogs).
  16. BERTMAN77MK2

    .22 ccm

    Anyone have or fired one of the Rock Island .22 1911's in their CCM caliber? Just heard of it, have not even seen one at a show yet
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    Saw it this evening and enjoyed it. Wish it had been a bigger budget movie but it was good entertainment. Thought Jason and Kate were at their best acting.
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    Race gun sights

    Perhaps those with current experience can enlighten me; what are the advantages/disadvantages of the rear iron sight in front of or behind a mini red-dot sight. For example, I have seen Glock 34's with a Trijicon RMR in the rear of the slide. Some have the iron sight in front of the red dot...
  19. BERTMAN77MK2


    Are they still producing this rim fire round? Have not seen any in a long time.
  20. BERTMAN77MK2

    Which pack to use?

    I want a pack for everyday carry that can be used without limiting ability for mountain biking, climbing, and urban use of any kind. The TAD Litespeed has caught my eye but would like to hear from those with experience as I plan to purchase only 1 time. Another consideration is quality, not...