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  1. Charger442

    Autism @ 24 Hour Campfire

    His wisdom isn't useless, particularly since there are more functions for wisdom than sharing it.
  2. Charger442

    Steiner T5xi vs M5xi clarity

    A lot of different places. I may have an option for you if you PM me
  3. Charger442


    Pretty sure those were on the market before the civilian AR sales stoppage.
  4. Charger442

    Brownells changed their “forever guarantee” return policy

    They are a retailer, not an individual private seller. You opened the scopes, used the for 48 days and sent them back. That likely costs them 5-10% retail on each of them as they'll have to sell them as open box or demos now. But you got a full value refund to store credit, that's all that...
  5. Charger442

    Brownells changed their “forever guarantee” return policy

    Buyers responsibility to understand the return policy before buying. I side with Brownells on this one. It was in place in November and you bought in December. thats on the buyer 100%.
  6. Charger442

    President Cuomo?

    microcosm of the political state in this country. our expectations are so low for our leaders we know they arent going to do a good job, we're having to be happy with "could have done worse".
  7. Charger442

    Andrew Gilllum…………..LOL

    That fool is going to walk. Watch for it.
  8. Charger442

    Andrew Gilllum…………..LOL

    MSNBC? He's currently a commentator for CNN. They still employ him and I'm assuming he's going to still be with CNN after "rehab".
  9. Charger442

    Andrew Gilllum…………..LOL

    Gillum wasn't the complainant who sought medical attention for his male prostitute. He was also not treated for an overdose. That statute applies to the guy who walked in and called the cops, and the man hooker who overdosed. According to that statute, Gillum would be the ONLY one who could be...
  10. Charger442

    Andrew Gilllum…………..LOL

    Wow all of that is pretty incredible. Standard political reaction: go to rehab
  11. Charger442

    Soft Ammo Carrier

    After shooting for a week next to a guy at Rifles Only who was using a Walsh Ammo binder, I bought one. It's great and I like when shooting you can just fold one side out or down. It beat the hell out out me trying to keep up with 6 or 7 boxes in my bag, partials, etc. Armageddon offering them...
  12. Charger442

    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    How does the glass get in your lungs? Are you saying COVID19 transports sand particals into your lungs, where extreme heat turn them into solid glass and then the covid19 grinds it up??
  13. Charger442

    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    Many cows can live eating a straw man of the size you've thrown out here.
  14. Charger442

    Turns out Corona Virus threat is all horsecrap.

    And thats all well and good. but the problem with all these stats right now about death rate, etc, completely denies the fact that for being one of the most contagious viruses, people who want to pound on the 4-5% death rate, are ignoring that this virus was most likely in the USA since...
  15. Charger442

    WTB: CZ 455 Varmint barrel, 22LR, threaded and/or fluted(would also consider 17HMR)

    Any interest in the standard contour, non- varmint barrel?
  16. Charger442

    Cheaper Than Dirt price gouging

    Meh they're stupid. People buying from them are stupider. But there's some serious misappropriation of the word "gouging" in this thread.
  17. Charger442

    KAC Triple Tap Use

    pictures? story? outcome? FA fire? Give us the scoop. I blew up one can before, but it was a direct thread, and not from a muzzle device failure.
  18. Charger442

    shooting gloves.... for keeping the fingers from burning up with AR...

    Pig gloves posted above are awesome. i have used them way beyond shooting. They fit well, are very comfortable and pretty durable. I did take a stray #6 shot pellet in the back of the hand and it punched through the leather. probably kept the lead from lodging in my skin. They are worth every...
  19. Charger442

    Ignorant on Corona

    "whip numbers to confirm personal bias". Maybe?