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  1. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    Help me choose an optic

    Owned both. Mk5 for my vote
  2. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    Magazine for PRS

    I appreciate the detailed explanation. If I do run into issues believe me I’ll be switching.
  3. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    Magazine for PRS

    someone did reply the next day with the same answer. I’ve used them for 4 years now, and I’m not seeing a benefit to ditching them. Is there something better in your opinion?
  4. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    WTB cz scorpion iron sights set.

    Just like the title says I need some help finding a set. Have a set reasonably priced? let me know please. thanks guys.
  5. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    Possible JAE news?

    Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) Acquires assets of J Allen Enterprises MDT is excited to announce the acquisition of the designs, tooling and patents of the renowned precision rifle chassis system, the J Allen Chassis JAE-700 and JAE-100. The J Allen Chassis systems have been touted as one...
  6. Tweedycarcass23jonb 'em

    Newest acquisition.
  7. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    SOLD: AR-15 Rock Creek 5R Cut-Rifled Barrel (18")

    Rock creek makes excellent barrels. If I only I had a build to put this in. Glws
  8. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    AR 15 Lower question

    If you just buy the lower that way without an upper or a rifle stock installed. Than the form should be marked (Other) not a complete rifle. It cannot have the buttstock installed. It cannot have the upper installed. The Buffer tube dose not matter if it’s never had a stock installed it’s never...
  9. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    RCBS’s new “Chargemaster”

    That’s fair and we’ll try. Good comment!
  10. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    Newbie Q: is 15-45x65 enough?

    He needs a gen 2 razor too
  11. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    SOLD: MDT ACC Chassis 700 SA Grey

    True! just trying to help you justify the price Incase it’s a no. 😁
  12. Tweedycarcass23jonb

    SOLD: MDT ACC Chassis 700 SA Grey

    Thats a pretty good price already. Acc plus grip is $1048 without shipping.
  13. Tweedycarcass23jonb


    I agree. If I go back to a stock (which I doubt) I’d like to give Greyboe renegade a try.
  14. Tweedycarcass23jonb


    Well another member just informed me he bought a manner t4 3 weeks ago for $400. so apparently one of those two you mentioned can be had in your price range. However if immediate need. Everyone seems to love the krg bravo stocks. I’ve even seen them trade down from whiskey 3’s and mdt acc...