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    Multiple can purchase, Avoid this problem.

    So back it October I put 3 cans in NFA prison. Being lazy I decided to charge the NFA fees instead of writing a check. A month later I get a call from the gun shop regarding a problem. They said NFA said my CC number was bad. I read them the credit card number I used and it appears that a...
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    RCBS Chargemaster Issue

    I couple of weeks ago I had an issue with my Chargemaster in that the buttons on the dispenser would enter the wrong number. I'd push 4 and the number 1 would show up on the display. Basically any button from the middle row might show the correct number or it would show the number from the row...
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    Firing Pin Bushing

    Is there any reason that a firing pin bushing should be below the bolt face? I just got a replacement rifle from Ruger, American Predator 6.5 AI, and there appears to be a bushing in the bolt face that is a few thousands below the actual face of the bolt. I discovered it because my primers...
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    AR 308 limiting factors when reloading?

    I'm in the process of putting one together and ask this question because I know there are limits when reloading for an M1A. It seems that heavier bullets don't seem to be a problem so are there any limiting factors outside of excessive pressure or magazine length when reloading for an AR 308...
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    2 Recent AR Builds

    I just finished putting these two together. Now I just need to work in some range time.
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    2 Builds Competed

    These are my first AR builds. The top one is built on a Spike's Tactical lower with a Mega M.T.S. rifle length upper. It has a Satern 20" DCM 1:8 twist barrel with A2 flash suppressor. It also has an Adam's Arms gas piston conversion and Magpul PRS stock and MAID grip. The scope is a...