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    SOLD Spuhr 4011 mount - 34mm, 1.1" high, 0MOA

    I'm selling off a used, but in good condition, Spuhr 4011 GAP scope mount. This is the 5-screw version for 34mm scopes, 1.1" height, and 0MOA cant. Includes original box, leveling wedge, and bag of extra scope ring screws. Price is $325 shipped CONUS by USPS priority with tracking. PayPal or...
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    Adapters for an ANVIS9 flight mount to Wilcox ground helmet shrouds?

    I find myself in need of running a ball detent mount on a TW helmet with a Wilcox shroud. I have one of the aviation type mounts (with built in power supply, not remote battery pack) from a flight helmet, and need to put it on said TW helmet. I've found both some US and Chinese adapters that...
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    Suppressing an M1A SOCOM 16 - Looking for feedback

    I recently inherited an M1A SOCOM, and plan to run my existing AAC SDN-6 can on it. I've been looking at both the SEI and Delta P gas locks to get the 5/8x24 threads I need, but I have a few concerns/questions: 1) It looks like the SEI may be too short to clear the gas plug with a 51t mount...
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    Old ATN Thor 336 3x - Thoughts or experience?

    I had a friend offer to let me borrow their older ATN ThoR 336 3x 30hz thermal for a while for some coyote hunting. The manual was pretty sparse, and trying to find any info on accessories has been tricky. I did find a riser for the included mount, though, to make it work better on an AR, and...
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    M1A SOCOM + LPVO - Mounting suggestions?

    I'm going to end up with an M1A SOCOM in the near future, and have decided that I am going to top it off with a 1-8.5x LPVO. I already have dedicated short and long range rifles, but not much in between - so this will be filling that role for me. I'm probably going to get a Sadlak scope mount...
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    Budget(ish) illuminators?

    Doing a little night hunting this week with a PVS-14 and an IR laser showed that I'm still pretty limited on range on nights where there's not a lot of moon and star light. I was out with a buddy that was running a thermal and a MAWL, so he was able to scan and locate possible targets, then use...
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    Bushnell Elite Tactical line - MAP reductions ($1700-$1950 XRS2, $1600 DMR Pro, $1200-1300 DMR2)

    Just a heads up, it looks like Bushnell has revamped the MAP for most or all of the Elite Tactical line. The new pricing is as follows: XRS2 4.5-30 - $1699.99 (G3), $1799.99 (G3i), and $1949.99 (H59 and Tremor 3) DMR2 Pro 3.5-21 - $1599.99 DMR2 3.5-21 - $1199 (G3), $1299.99 (G3i and H59) SMRS 2...
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    Helmet pad kits for NV? (Edit: Also considering a new helmet)

    I'm about to add some helmet mounted NV to my collection (PVS-14), and I need to get a helmet up and running. I already have a Pro-Tech A-Bravo bump helmet that's already drilled for a shroud and mount, but the pads that came with it are too thick and uncomfortable for my oversized noggin. I'm...
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    Bushnell now a sponsor of NRL22, and announces new Base Class NRL22 riflescope

    Bushnell launched their new NRL22 portal on the website today, as well as announcing their new Match Pro Riflescope, which is aimed directly at NRL22 base class. With a $499.99 MSRP, it keeps under the Base Class limit with a wide variety of NRL22 rifles. I was actually involved in testing of...
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    New budget riflescope from Bushnell - Match Pro

    Bushnell just announced a new budget-friendly riflescope for match use - both PRS/NRL and NRL22, but it'll also be a good option for new LR shooters on a budget. I've been involved in testing of the scope, and I have been pretty happy with it for the price point. Mine will be riding on my NRL22...
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    Bushnell Nitro 1800 LRF rolling review and field testing

    My Nitro 1800 rangefinder with Applied Ballistics finally came in today. I'll be out on the range this weekend with it to get some video done for Bushnell with it, as well as some other products that have been in the works. I've already had it out today playing with it around town at distance...
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    2019 Armageddon Gear Cup - 20-shooter invitational match (UPDATED 2 Oct)

    Armageddon Gear has announced their first ever match. Instead of a typical PRS match, however, this is going to be a 20-person, invite-only match hosted at Arena Training Facility in Blakely, GA on the 28-30th of October (Yes, that's 3 days). There is no prize table, instead the winner walks...
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    GA Precision/Bushnell GAP Grind - who is going?

    This will be my 4th time shooting the grind (14, 16, and 18 previously), but I am going yet again this year. Who else is shooting it, and are you shooting as a pro or am?
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    Big Bushnell sale @GA Precision - $500-600 off DMR2/DMR2 Pro/XRS2 + Free Kestrel

    I just found out that GA Precision is running a big deal on the Bushnell Elite Tac optics - $500-600 off normal prices, AND a free Kestrel Sportsman 5700. Not sure how long this deal will last before GAP sells out, but I figured people here would be interested.
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    Suggested freebore for an 80 ELD-M in .223 Rem?

    I'm going to have to replace the barrel on my 223 trainer. Does anyone have any data on the ideal freebore for the 80 ELD-M in a standard (non-Ackley) 223 Remington? This will be on a bolt gun fed from MDT magazines, so OAL isn't a huge concern.
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    Sudden change in SD/ES?

    I recently switched lots of Varget for my 223 trainer reloads (80gr ELD-M over Varget with WCC brass and FGMM SR primers), and did a quick velocity check. The first 3 rounds looked great, and only a few FPS slower than the old lot - then the wheels fell off. I ended up running 10 rounds over my...
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    Action for a 300 PRC?

    I've got the itch for a 300 PRC this year, but I can't figure out what action I want to run. Normally I'd say Defiance right off the bat, but I can't find where they make a CIP-length long action. If they do, and I've missed it, feel free to show me where they are and I'll be happy. This will...
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    AMGtuned is GtG

    AMG bought my Vortex HS-T. Payment was prompt, no issues with PayPal, and he quickly notified me when he'd received the scope and was satisfied with the transaction.
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    Increasing LRF effective range with retroreflectors?

    Has anyone tried using the retroreflectors (IE: the little circular reflectors you can use on mailboxes, marking ditches, etc) sold at places like Lowe's and Home Depot with a laser rangefinder? My thought was that they could be used to increase the usable distance of mid-range LRFs, especially...
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    Large bag/pillow use techniques?

    I'm kicking around an idea for a new product, and I want to make it as flexible as I can for how people tend to employ these large, lightweight bags. For those of you that use large 'pillow' type bags (IE: Armageddon Gear Fat Bag, WieBad Todd and Pump pillows, etc), how do you ususally put them...