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    XM-3 Build Done

    I finally got the USMC XM-3 clone back from the builder who helped build the original 52 of them. This one has the titanium scope rail and barrel lug. I'm very pleased with his work. I esp. like how the bedding was dyed to match the stock color. If you are not familiar with the XM-3, here's a...
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    Nice Article dated Jan 2013 Interviewing the 2112s at PWS in Quantico re M40A5 and Others They Were Building

    Here's a link to a six page article interviewing 2112s at USMC PWS in 2013. It's 6 pages and you have to clink on each page at the bottom or you won't see the whole article. Includes good photos of stuff they were then building or repairing. Says in part they had by 2011 built 580 M40A5s, out...
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    What did I get here? 7mm w/ Ajack - Spanish K98?

    This was languishing ignored at the LGS for several months, no one seemed to know what it was for sure, and finally for $600 I couldn't resist it any longer, figured the scope might be worth that.... Gun looks minty and seems factory to me but I don't know. I looked for it online and it seems to...
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    Da Nang USMC Sniper School March 1968 - Photos

    There was a link to a govt. archive film was posted over on the M40 Rifle Forum of film taken at the USMC Da Nang Sniper School filed in March 1968, and since it is govt. public domain, I pulled some M40 rifle pictures off the film. I have not seen a lot of M40 photos in the field from Vietnam...
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    Chingon is GTG

    Great seller, thanks!