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    AR Diopter sights?

    Anybody know who has these around? I found a couple sources that may have the lower 416 style in stock but I can’t find any of the Tall versions like centurion arms did a couple runs of.
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    FS: Vortex AMG EBR 7

    Full disclosure Pics are from previous owner that I purchased this from a few days ago. I’ve been wanting a S&B ultrashort for a while and it would fit my needs a little better than the AMG does. I planned on putting it on a new tikka hunting build but I’ll hold it off till later in the year...
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    SPF: Hiensholt 4-16 for premier 3-15 / Vortex

    I have a Hiensholt 4-16 FF-LT mil reticle CC turrets. Beautiful condition still lightly used. looking for a Premier 3-15 gen II XR that has a warranty or a vortex razor HD 4.5-27
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    WTB Leupold MK4 spotter

    Just looking for a mk 4 spotter for the kit
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    FS: Athlon chronus tactical spotter

    LNIB. Tested it once in the field and it was pretty impressive for the cost. Is in like new condition. I’m building a reloading shack and switching a new 6.5 Lapua I just paid for over to 6BR last minute so the money has to come from somewhere. pics up tonight when I get home. $600 shipped
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    FS: Minox ZP5 5-25 MR4

    Came into possession of another PMII so I have more 5-25’s than I need. Working on expanding my night optic kit so I’m gunna let her go. It has been my primary match optic the past season and I have no complaints about it’s performance at all. I bought it new from CS tactical. I’ll let it...
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    Athlon LRF binocular

    Tried searching it but no luck, anybody run one that could somewhat compare to the rest of the competition this year.
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    Need help finding throw lever

    Ok I for the life of me can’t find who makes a throw lever for the Minox ZP5. Anybody!?...
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    FS custom Tikka 6.5 price drop!!

    Up for sale is my Tikka by Prometheus arms. 24” Bartlein heavy Palma Little bastard break AI style bolt handle Gen 6 KRG w-3 with spigot and NV kit Rifle has 400 rounds out of it and shoots great but I have to much material to buy to remodel my moms house so it’s gotta go. Does not include...
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    FS-Kahles K318 SKMR3

    Gotta rebuild the POS Hemi in my daily driver so gotta let this little guy go. Right side windage SKMR3 Has one nick on the ocular housing shown in pics. Has only been to the range twice on my MK12 $2500 shipped
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    WTB Badger M40A3 tings

    Looking for an extra set of 34mm badgers
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    FS: Minox MD80 Z

    Hate to do it but I don’t use it much now that I use my Binos 95% of the time and have incomplete rifle projects to wrap up. Unit is in great shape, it’s been in its protective cover it’s whole life and gently used. $750 shipped
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    FS/FT RRS atlas adapter, clamp

    Switched over to a new CAL with the BTC clamp for my match rifle so I don’t need these. I mounted them up on my PSR but never used them. $140 shipped for the adapter and clamp If you want a trade for 6.5 burger 130’s or something let me know.
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    McMillan A6 FS

    Rem 700, M5 DBM cut and fully adjustable. Bipod rail installed, left side flush cups $600 shipped
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    Black 47

    Just stumbled on it. It’s on amazon video. Check out the trailer looks pretty gritty, I’ll be watching it tonight
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    Alternative bump helmet for NVG’s

    Yo I’ve been looking at lower cost alternatives to the ops core helmets. I came across the phalanx international “stalker” bump helmets for the $350 range... anybody familiar with them?
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    Trijicon AccuPower 1-4 mil

    Looking at replacing my old Burris 1-4 on my carbine and was thinking about going with the trijicon at the $700 price range. Anybody have a better suggestion? I’m not worried about the Illumination being daylight bright. I’ mainly running it for my night hunting and plinking out to 500...
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    Fire 4 Effect

    After they did my Glock 34 which is my hard use pistol I figured I’d give my 35 to them. So far their lead times are the best I’ve found, always quik to respond and you can get the most bang for the buck and top notch quality
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    Paging stock dock for possible work

    Just as the title states I’m wanting some stock work done bro hit me up if you don’t mind
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    KAC LPR adjustable gas block

    was just wandering if any of you guys out there have swapped out your oem Gas block with an adjustable one? I’ve only found one discussion on it and it took about two posts in before it spiraled in to a shit talking waste of time with no useful information. Thanks