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    Suggest a cheek riser/pad

    I just got the 3/4'' rise one off Cabelas, but unfortunately, my rifle's bolt won't open all the way. I'd like to hear what cheek risers you guys are putting on your rifles.
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    Cheek riser/pad for the B&C Medalist Stock

    Just ordered a 3/4'' riser off Cabelas. This one to be exact: It looks great, feels great, but one huge problem. It doesn't fit my stock. The cheek pad interferes with the length of the bolt pull. Can anyone...
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    First hunting season, camo recommendations?

    Just got my hunting permit this season, and will be my first time going out for deer. I live in GA, but I will also be hunting in Michigan, in November and December. What I'm really looking for, is something that's lightweight enough to wear around in GA (subzero in the winter), but also heavy...
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    Forgot to follow "1 shot/1 clean" break in

    So far I've shot 20 rounds through the barrel, and just finished reading in mutiple places that people were recommending cleaning the barrel after every shot; for the first 20-25 shots. Will not following this procedure really bite me in the ass later on? I don't want to ruin a perfectly good...
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    New to shooting, any tips on form?

    As I posted in another thread, I'm fairly new to shooting. The first gun I've ever shot was only a few months ago, and since then, I've been hooked. I've only recently picked up my first real "precision" rifle last week, a Tikka T3 in .308. I'm mainly wondering what the proper "form" is for...
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    Tikka T3 in .308, what ammo does your rifle prefer

    Just got a T3, and it's my first "precision" rifle, matter of fact, it's only the 2nd firearm I own (the first is a K31). I really like shooting, and I'm trying to tighten my groups with every range trip. I've been shopping around for ammo, and I'm wondering what your T3 prefers. I recently...
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    Tikka T3 in .308, constant failure to feed

    I'm using 7.62x51mm Malaysian military surplus ammo, I believe it's 147 grain. I've done some googling, and only uncovered another post: For some reason, the ammo is not feeding correctly. The bolt "slips" on the ammo and...
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    Magnification for shooting @ 600 yards

    About to buy a new rifle, a Tikka T3 lite in an aftermarket Bell and Carlson stock. However, I'm not sure what kind of scope to get for shooting up to 600 yards. I'm looking at the SS 3-9x42, but was afraid the 9x wouldn't be enough. My other option is the Bushnell 4200 3-12x44. Mainly, I...
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    Let's talk .308 bolt actions: R700, A7, T3, 110?

    I'm planning on throwing a 2.5-10x scope on it. I would use it mainly for weekend shooting at 200 yards, an occasional shot at 300-400 yards, as well as hunting in GA. I really like the .308 round, and I don't think I'll be shooting it far enough out to really take advantage of the .300WSM. As...
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    Tikka T3/Sako A7 barrel, same as TRG?

    I've heard a rumor on a different forum that the T3, and the A7 share a barrel with the TRG. I've tried Googling, as well as searching this forum, and I haven't been able to turn up anything on this. Can anyone shed some light?