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  1. TheGerman

    I declare war on the poors.

    I'm sick of bailing you useless faggots out. So you better spend your TrumpBux wisely, as I'm coming to tip your doublewide over at night so you, your useless fat ass kids who will be on disability by the age of 19 and your wife whose ass we can all see from the front experience an end over end...
  2. TheGerman

    Just so I have this right as far as the 'helping' Americans bill

    Rep version is corporate bailouts and a little bit of money that you basically have to be poor to qualify for and probably won't do much anyways. Also mandates small business have to pay employees for X amount of weeks and can write it off and/or get it reimbursed eventually (have read this a...
  3. TheGerman

    The Airing of Grievences Thread

    You know what to do..... Fucking Bender. Motherfucking has like 3 broke ass boats and 11 chillrens and doesn't even shoot. Also wears socks with sandals. In the wintertime!
  4. TheGerman

    Quick sprint workout; add your times

    So since some of you may now be relegated to the treadmill at home or running outside instead of going to the gym, I have a little sprint work out for you. Key here is to find the pace you can keep up (but still be sprinting, i.e. faster than jogging) through the entire thing, not just what you...
  5. TheGerman

    Can someone explain to me why all other flavors except spearmint Skoal are absolutely awful?

    Spearmint seems to be the norm across Skoal, Kodiak, Cope, whatever. They all relatively taste the same, its more of a nicotine % or people sticking with the brand they like. Everytime Id ecide to get adventerous and try something new, I instantly regret it. - Wintergreen (winterfresh?)...
  6. TheGerman

    Cant wait for a month from now....

    when all of these dumbshits hoarding useless shit and 5000 rolls of TP get their credit card bills after the manufactured panic has subsided. Making fun of these idiots will last forever.
  7. TheGerman

    Ever find motivation in other peoples' failures?

    Didn't want to work out and lift today. It's fucking Sunday. I don't want to do shit but maybe smoke a cigar. But working out is on the schedule today, already had the off day, so can't make an excuse. But 0 motivation today. Then I open a thread on another site about how some guy and his...
  8. TheGerman

    Went to the store and it only reinforced my belief that 90% of people are inbred morons

    Had to get a bunch of different stuff and the only place that had it all, preventing me from driving all over town to multiple places, was fucking Walmart. Ugh. Whatever. So off I went. Got my stuff and as I was headed to the front I walked past the food section and noticed a few 'bald spots'...
  9. TheGerman

    Anyone use the Snugpack bivvi shelter/snugpack bags?

    Was going to be outside overnight again a few times this year in both the desert where the temps can swing 50+ degrees in a day from 110+ all the way into the 50s at night as well as further up north towards the mountains where it can randomly rain and be windy as hell and be in the 90s during...
  10. TheGerman

    Proof that being poor will kill you

  11. TheGerman

    Does your wife do shit like this?

    Me - walking up the stairs after coming out of the gym in the house. My entire shirt, part of my shorts are coverned in sweat after today's running machine routine of 6 degrees at 7mph, 10 degrees at 6 mph and 8 degrees at 4.5mph, all while wearing a plate carrier....for 60 mins. Her - Oh hey...
  12. TheGerman

    Let the Great Acquaintance Purge of 2020 commence!

    Had a really stressful year a few years back where I just felt like I was trying to constantly herd cats, could only get anything to happen if I forced it to and was just fucking done with everyone and their low IQ substandard bullshit. My wife, on New Years eve, always does a horoscope for the...
  13. TheGerman

    Need 10 people to help with a nightvision course of fire

    Was looking for 10 or so active people to add to a group to help me figure out a course of fire for night time shooting with nightvision for people who can range from total noobs to firearms all the way to people who have a decent understanding of it. Some of you may know what this pertains to...
  14. TheGerman

    The 2019 WTF did you get for Christmas thread! (horrible gifts welcome, and encouraged)

    I told everyone I wanted nothing. I'm impossible to shop for (I specifically have to send people links to the exact thing, or don't bother) and I've been spending money like a drunken sailor this year getting all sorts of business ventures going. If I wanted it THAT bad, I'd already have it...
  15. TheGerman

    How many people die in Die Hard? Holiday drinking game question.

    So the plan is, after prime rib and cigars, we're going to watch the best holiday movie of all time - Die Hard. Not 2, or 5, or 17...the original one. Ho Ho Ho. Anyways, someone had suggested we do a shot whenever someone dies. How many people die in this movie? I have a feeling this is going...
  16. TheGerman

    WTB PEQ15

    Looking for a good condition full power PEQ15; possibly looking for 2. Open to a PEQ2A as well but would prefer the 15 or a 16 if its basically free, because well, the 16 kind of sucks.
  17. TheGerman

    Who has horrible office Christmas parties?

    Friend of mine told me that they were all scheduled to be out of the office today from like 1130 to 130pm for their office holiday party. They're all going to some restaurant, nothing special, together, with a limit of how much they can spend lol And then going back to work afterwards. What...
  18. TheGerman

    So impeachment bullshit; do I have this right?

    - Democrats want to impeach Trump because they are under the impression he tried to leverage aide or whatever we were sending to Ukraine for his own personal benefit/gain. They have yet to explain what he asked for and/or how he would have benefted from it, if this were true. - During the...