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  1. Forgetful Coyote

    Finished - M40 Remington SSA Replica Project

    Very cool! Georgia Gun Club in the Buford/Lawrenceville area..?? Im right down the road dude we ought to link some time when stuff gets back to normal
  2. Forgetful Coyote

    AMU M110's

    Do they also test bolt guns with that fixture? Does it allow any movement with recoil?
  3. Forgetful Coyote

    Stiffest upper receiver for long heavy barrel

    What do yall think about barrel nut size and material in relation to any affect on accuracy? Obviously bigger means a better heat sink, but beyond that..?
  4. Forgetful Coyote

    Some more vintage hattery.....

    MAN! The Pacific Theater was something else! Those Imperial Japanese troops... goddamn.. talk about a worthy opponent. I still remember reading about a small 3-5 man Japanese unit that got cut off in the Phillipines, and hit the jungle to go on carrying out guerrilla operations for like 25...
  5. Forgetful Coyote

    Geissele Super Duty Rifle

    Ahh I see, read too fast and skipped over the stripped part. Shame Brownell's won't sell a true clone. I also wonder why they went back to gov't contour on the URGI..? A mid length SOCOM would be fairly heavy but theres a lot smarter ways to distribute the weight/profile than gov't/standard M4...
  6. Forgetful Coyote

    7.5 FK

    This rounds been out a while now. Does anyone know of any SMG's or PCC's in the works chambered for it? It smokes 9x25 Dillon and is right on the heels of .30 Carbine. 95gr @ 2000 fps... defeats IIIA armor just fine, and I'd imagine quite a bit more lethal than 5.7x28 or 4.6x30. I have to wonder...
  7. Forgetful Coyote

    Geissele Super Duty Rifle

    Damn! The Geissele URGI clone w/ Daniel Defense barrel for 770?! Nice
  8. Forgetful Coyote

    Scars Rule

    Ive always longed for a Scar 17 since back when I was 15-16 years old playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.. and I Still remember the first time to my knowledge that the SCAR 20 SSR was officially publicly confirmed to exist and shown in action: on Larry Vicker's Tac TV with guest star Monty...
  9. Forgetful Coyote

    Geissele Super Duty Rifle

    So this aint what FBI uses? ..etc etc ..?? Cuz if not theres gotta be close to 75(+) people doing HRT "clones", that apparently aint so clone-ish after all?? I aint got...
  10. Forgetful Coyote

    Geissele Super Duty Rifle

    Info on the .mil only version or link to it? I thought the URGI's basically were considered the new M4A1 Blk 3? AFAIK most all tier 1 SMU's run HK 416's..?? Far as HRT.. maybe my info is outta date but I thought the HRT rifles were 11.5" heavy barrel Colts with Geissele rails?
  11. Forgetful Coyote

    Another Picture Thread - All Other Semi-Autos

    Thats the gangsterest shit I ever seen't What optic you planning? And you totally gotta put some groups up... as well - is there any chance we could get a pic with handguard removedd? Thank you sir, and congrats on the Ferrari of rifles hah ;) (y)
  12. Forgetful Coyote

    AMU M110's

    You wouldnt happen to have a pic of the fixture would ya? Just curious as benchrest is also an interest of mine and Id like to see how it compares to a benchrest rail gun.. it aint a Wiseman fixture is it? Idk Wiseman personally but aint heard good things about him at all.. Thanks a ton sir!
  13. Forgetful Coyote

    AMU M110's

    Exactly what I was wondering! And would much appreciate you following up upon your return sir! Thanks again! Also, is/are there specific barrel brands they use(Krieger, Satern, Bartlein)?? Or do they just use whatever high quality tube is immediately available??
  14. Forgetful Coyote

    Holy Mother of....Its better than Christmas!

    Shoulda lit up hit target in return
  15. Forgetful Coyote

    Gewehr 98 action

    As Mr Todd recommended in this thread, go with Mr Jim Kobe for Mauser/Win Model 70/etc work if ya can. Hes a guild member(and that means a lot - look up American Custom Gunmakers Guild if ya dont know what I'm talkin bout), and a quite highly respected guild member at that. To put it in simpler...
  16. Forgetful Coyote

    Criterion CORE series barrels

    Looks like it should be a good choice for a 2-gun/3-gun type build..
  17. Forgetful Coyote

    308 AR10 Build Info/Picture Thread

    @padom @bigjake83 have either yall tried out any a the new "Gen II" type lightweight/small frame .308 AR uppers/lowers? Eg the DPMS, POF, Remington, etc..? Or any plans to?
  18. Forgetful Coyote

    Holy Mother of....Its better than Christmas!

    @pmclaine cant remember, is your M40 a custom build or Remington commemorative?
  19. Forgetful Coyote

    Gewehr 98 action

    Did FN commercial actions have longer magazines to accommodate the -06 and magnum rounds they came in?
  20. Forgetful Coyote

    Robert K Brown sniper rifle?

    You know em personally, no?