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  1. bfoosh006

    260 Rem , Gorilla Ammo 50% off.

    Not entirely sure where to post this..
  2. bfoosh006

    SOLGW AR15 Upper fit to various lowers.

    For those of us that are tight upper to lower fitment fans... Sons of Liberty Gun Works advertises that their upper is a nice tight fit, and better then others... they aren't kidding. I bought 3 bare uppers, and fit all 3 onto the various lowers mentioned below. All 3 fit identical to my feel...
  3. bfoosh006

    FYI, PSA Gen III PA10 / PA65 coming soon.

    Some solid improvements, IMHO
  4. bfoosh006

    Can we have a sticked /pinned deal thread for Semi Auto Rifles ?

    Parts, ammo, uppers.. etc.. I feel like a single thread would be beneficial to all.... or if it exists, please point me towards it. Thank You, ahead of time. For instance, I just found Horn. AG 140gr 400rds ( 2 cans bulk packed ) for $275 plus shipping. I haven't seen that low of a price for...
  5. bfoosh006

    PSA PA10 GenII lower with PA-65 , 6.5CM 20" rifle length gas upper review....

    Sorry... but I am reposting this ( deleted the other thread, I think... ) , primarily because the photos didn't all show , everytime... It is probably my posting them incorrectly. So here goes again.. without any repeated photos I am just sitting down to dinner.... but, just a brief preview...
  6. bfoosh006

    For you guys looking for 64gr Fusion bullet

    Just bought some at the "Funshow" , 1100 for $104, Honest man, has decent / fair prices, ( including during the Obamanation Primer Scare/Shortage ) answered all of my nosey questions politely ( and listened to my internet commando knowledge on these bullets.. ) and says he bought these a year...
  7. bfoosh006

    Sooo....Who sells a real 1/2" moa AR Upper?

    Just like the title says,(using good quality ammo) I'd appreciate real life experience. I've been strongly considering the 20"/13.2 handguard LaRue Stealth. That configuration suits my "needs" very well.
  8. bfoosh006

    Gotta share this one....For XL650 Owners Just a darn good idea, Kudos to the original "inventor" !
  9. bfoosh006

    What primers can you find in your part of the US

    Just curious. Out here I can get all sorts of Rem.from the local store and CCI ( mostly 450s and SP)from the typical Gunshow.
  10. bfoosh006

    FYI, Fed 215 at Natchez right now. 1000/box
  11. bfoosh006

    Auto sghting laser ranging scope..

    Probably a poor discription but... ...very least to me.
  12. bfoosh006

    FYI, 8 lb IMR 8208 XBR in stock at Grafs...31 Jan.
  13. bfoosh006

    IMR 8208 XBR ,1 lb,in stock at Grafs and Powder Va

    FYI... and Powder Valley ...2 Bucks cheaper/lb And 5k count CCI BR2....
  14. bfoosh006

    Hodgdon/IMR 8208 XBR...a tad slower than 4895

    Sorry , my bad ...shoulda' done a search first! Data is available on Hodgdons website. I'm interested ! Could this be the "new" 7.62x51 175gr powder?
  15. bfoosh006

    FYI...CCI LR Primers at Wideners 16:14 PST|284|316 $29/k + HM ( and I put in the time, for my own morbid curiousity...)
  16. bfoosh006

    8lb Varget and IMR 4895 in stock NOW!

    Varget... Wideners and...IMR 4895.... IMR 4895
  17. bfoosh006

    20mm Rifle...anyone
  18. bfoosh006

    Future US military weapons info...TONS of it !

    Go to the link and click on any of the blue highlighted sections, there is (and I quote) "information overload" at the link. Prepare to do a bunch of lookin' wasn't sure where to post this...but it is very good info. The starting section is the...
  19. bfoosh006

    FYI,Wideners has OFB, LC '06 .308 and '07-'08 5.56

    .308 $179/k or $90/500 5.56 $79/k
  20. bfoosh006

    IMR 4895 8lbers In Stock at ......

    Wideners $137.00 / 8 lb 12:12 PST, let the count down begin....