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  1. ubettcha

    Looks like the french are going to need some more white flags made soon

    The guy who married his nanny has decided he can just take medical supplies from whomever he pleases. If he did this to Putin or the Pols. I think it would be a great pay per view to watch his ass get stomped on...
  2. ubettcha

    Bloomberg to donate 40mil to other countries virus victims

    This mini pile of crap is going to donate 40million to other countries affected by the virus. Wonder if he got his orders from China on this Excerpts from article...
  3. ubettcha

    The about face on Biden

    Here are some comments from 2019. Post up the glowing comments they make today to prevent Sanders from being the nominee. Biden is there to prevent the down-ballot massacre of a Sanders win. Sally Kohn, USA Today contributor "I don't want Joe Biden to run for president. He's the wrong...
  4. ubettcha

    Anyone notice something missing from the Dem debate last night

    Obviously a sharp eyed dem noticed in time to take care of it
  5. ubettcha

    308 10tw Douglas XX 31.5" blank

    I have an extra 10tw Douglass air guage XX XL blank in Chrome Moly. Breach 1.350 muzzle 1.315 31 1/2" will finish 30" or less. New they are 333.00 and special order 230 shipped lower 48 OBO Trades considered prs gen 1-3 buttstock 6.5, 27, 30 call bullets etc
  6. ubettcha

    Epstein's warden gets new cushy supervisory job

    Why is it a Brittish paper that is the only source of this story?? Where are all the US media sources on it?
  7. ubettcha

    Biden leading field in Iowa

    Even bringing in Johnatollah Kerrimani this wknd Creepy Joe had a rally in a living room for 11 people
  8. ubettcha

    Texas church shooting

    This shows the gunman and how quickly the security reacted. Bad guy got off one shot before the good guy was able to shoot him <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">BREAKING: Video shows gunman open fire at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement...
  9. ubettcha

    Trump is a savage

  10. ubettcha

    Anyone have the list this sortie is on?

    Pulled this up elsewhere