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    Out of left field - Hot Yoga

    I run mid 20 miles a week, lift some weights, stretch and whatnot.... Been to a few hot yoga classes recently - 105 - 107 degrees w/ @ 50% humidity - 90 minute class. If you haven't, it is worth checking out. I have done some regular yoga, but this is definitely next level as far as effort...
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    All by my lonesome in the woods

    After a while the track indicated no one else in the area. Great knight.
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    Dementia, Death and Cans?

    My poor ol father has dementia and is not long for this world. He has a couple of cans as an individual. What is the process to transfer them to me (several cans) or better yet to other family members? Where do they need to legally physically sit after he departs and before transfer to the new...
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    12.5” R700 Pistol - Factory Looks like it may take an AR buffer tube 12.5” barrel / 22” OAL / 6.15# .308 10.5” barrel / 21” OAL / 5.95# .300 AAC MSRP $1,020.00
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    Dirty Diana After Reviewing Kavanaugh Investigation Findings

    What did Dirty Di see in the SCIF? I bet she needs to change her underoos about now....ask yourself, do you really think she is this visibly upset b/c of the potential of back alley abortions and men potentially abusing women? Old hag can still lace up her cleats for the camera, I’ll give...
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    Doctor Ford’s Polygraph was released.....

    Well worth the read Summary - Ford sends ChinaGateFeinstein a letter with week later, this person with a fear of flying is in Maryland getting a polygraph done....The allegations in the letter are inconsistent with the allegations for the poly
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    Case Volume / Pressure / Charge Weights?

    I have been using Winchester cases for .300WM but recently came across an opportunity to purchase a bunch of Black Hills cases - all the same year. I have read all the speculation about who makes the cases for Black Hills and decided I need to test the case volume. I filled several Win and...
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    .308 Bolt Design Question

    Regarding (best) bolt designs: - single ejector 180 from the extractor - double ejector 180 from the extractor - double ejector located at top and bottom Round is fired, extractor claw has control of the rim and imparts tension toward the port as the case is pulled from the chamber. Which bolt...
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    Excellent Summation Of the Mueller Investigation / HRC Guilt

    The following is a very good summation of the status of the Mueller Investigation, and provides insight as to where we’re headed. ** Things will become more desperate in the run up to Mid Terms, esp as the Blue Wave, fizzles.
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    Judge Grants Bail in NM?? At some point Americans are going to wake up from their collective slumber and realize that they have been brainwashed to fight and bicker amongst themselves while real...
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    I know there are a lot of choices but which one is MOST consistent for @ $500 or less? Auto feed is fine but not necessary. TIA
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    Feel good video

    Last video on the page.
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    Worth the read - Gov Control of Internet

    The link is well worth your time to read. It explains how the Gov established complete control over media and the net. All of this stems back to purposeful actions on the part of Bill Clinton in 1996, and concludes with a secret authorization under Obama. The net effect was to give the Office...
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    California / NG / Border

    Hannity Sourced According to the Associated Press, state officials notified federal authorities that deployed soldiers will be prohibited from tackling duties seen as cracking down on illegal immigration: including fixing border patrol vehicles, operating surveillance cameras, and monitoring...
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    Story to watch - LV The major, shocking revelations include: When FBI brass was provided with forensic evidence of multiple gunmen, they told agents to stand down and focus on...
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    Bitcoin Miner? You've got child porn on your HD.

    Blockchain for Bitcoin = Child Porn Hmmmm.......TOR was a Gov front...Bitcoin was a means to pay for things anon, we know now that Gov monitored it.....who wants to be bold and just say the Gov created it so they could track who uses it and for what purpose?
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    I’m seeing wind - correct?

    First night out was last night, correct me if I am wrong: wind (mirage) is visible at night - correct?