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  1. J

    I declare war on the poors.

    Funny shit
  2. J

    walmart is policing whats in your cart

    Stole it
  3. J

    Over/Under timeline before looting/breakins start?

    Within 24 hours of the SNAP/ebt/benefits ending.
  4. J

    Spend my money

    BCM has farmed out parts since their beginnings. Do they actually make anything?
  5. J

    Spend my money

    Curious to know where their quality has dropped. The only changes I’ve seen are barrel and bcg markings on some samples. The available rifles at Clyde armory, new 6920’s, Socom’s, and OEM 1 models still have cage codes and C marked carriers. Their specs have remained the same. I’ve owned 5 Colt...
  6. J

    Spend my money

    Who are they giving rifles to? Didn’t they just get a new contract in September of last year to produce rifles for foreign sales?
  7. J

    Spend my money

    Ever wonder why FN, HK, KAC, LMT, and Colt don’t hand out free rifles? They don’t have to. Lol
  8. J

    Spend my money

    I’m glad yours perform to your requirements. I, along with plenty of others have found them lacking. Lowers that will not drop aluminum colt/okay/nmhg mags freely are out of spec. CL barrels that will not do better than 4 moa with a 69 or 77 gr smk/tmk factory or hand load is shit. Been here...
  9. J

    Spend my money

    Accuracy complaints, multiple cases of out of spec receivers, and customer no service are well known with the brand.
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    Spend my money

    6920’s are still available for ~$1k. You’ll be stuck with carbine gas but you won’t be on Snipershide, M4C, or Barfcom asking why it won’t run. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. BCM is overrated. The German’s suggestion isn’t bad. If you go that route, go over the gun and be sure to stake...
  11. J

    Predictions on COVID-19 looting and riots?

    Reading some of the posts in this thread has intensified my hatred of Sean Hannity.
  12. J

    LMT .308 MWS

    You sir, are a better man than I.
  13. J

    Stiffest upper receiver for long heavy barrel

    LMT MRP would be the stiffest. There’s a new guy doing barrel conversions as well as Marvin Pitts. It’s hard to beat LMT’s stainless barrels though. There’s a used rifle length MRP quad rail chassis on GB for $500
  14. J

    My Experiences with my LMT MWS .308

    They’re available used from $1600 up. Find a used one and buy a barrel. You’ll save money that way. Most used ones have very few rounds through them. There’s lots of gun owners, few shooters though.
  15. J

    Bravo Company 14.5” ELW Accuracy: A Quick Look

    Good to see you here Molon. Thanks for your contributions in the past and any you offer in the future.
  16. J

    Budget AR-15 and AR-10 Barrel Options

    They aren’t Kriegers, but you can get them to shoot in the .6-.75 moa range with little load development. That’s good enough for my use of the AR platform. The stress relief on the blanks is pretty good too. The groups open a little but poi shift is almost nonexistent as the barrel heats up...
  17. J

    Funny Things You Say That Pisses Off Your Wife... Go!

    When she’s on the elliptical I always tell her, “Keep it tight baby, keep it tight.”. I always get a single finger salute out of it.
  18. J

    Budget AR-15 and AR-10 Barrel Options

    AR15Performance offers 223wylde and 308 dpms pattern barrels. You can’t do better for the price point in my experience.
  19. J

    Which Ar-10 BCG?

    If LMT is an option, it’s the answer.
  20. J

    Knights Armament

    Doesn’t mil-spec mean that it meets or exceeds the minimum standard based on set performance requirements? The contract is awarded to the lowest bidder that can meet the requirements placed on the manufacturer to produce the product that meets said standard? People shit on Colt, FN, KAC, LMT...