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  1. Joshcole

    WTS: McMillan a5 adjustable

    Selling off a McMillan a5 adjustable stock has thumb wheel inlet for remington 700 sa has pillars barrel channel is heavy palma has pic rail for bipod or can use stud for bipod surgeon dbm is included have no mag to go with it asking $850 obo shipped
  2. Joshcole


    Have a bartline barrel heavy palma 27" blank asking $315 shipped
  3. Joshcole

    WTB: apa gen 2 break or area 419

    Im looking to buy a apa gen 2 break little bastard or fat bastard in black finish in 30cal- 5/8x24 tpi or 6.5mm 5/8x24 tpi or area 419 hellfire break let me know
  4. Joshcole

    WTB or trade for bushnell forge 15x56 binos

    Looking for bushnell forge 15x56 binoculars used or new let me know what you have thanks
  5. Joshcole

    WTS 34mm scope rings

    weaver tactical high rings 34mm they are new asking $50
  6. Joshcole

    WTB surgeon SA mag bolt

    I'm looking to buy a surgeon short action mag bolt let me know what you have thanks
  7. Joshcole

    WTB 115gr dtacs

    Want to buy 500 -1000 115gr dtacs RBT closed nose non coated seeing what's out there before i placed an order picture is what I'm looking for thanks
  8. Joshcole

    WTS 2 American rifle Company mags

    I have 2 barley used American rifle Company mags both are 10 round 308 base max oal 2.960" internal i used these mag once once at a ga precision match was all asking $120 shipped or obo payment can be venmo or money order
  9. Joshcole

    Delete found one

    HC-PRO CLAMP FOR HARRIS BIPOD by really right stuff looking for one let me know what you have thanks
  10. Joshcole


    I have a accuracy international ax chassis going a different way for next year. Chassis come with 3 mounts that comes with the chassis, has thumb rest and slick cheek pad, hrd arca rail, and mono bipod for the rear and it is a folder need to sell asap. Asking $1125 shipped obo
  11. Joshcole

    WTB bushnell tactical tripod 84005

    Looking for a bushnell tactical tripod or the tripod kit model 84005 I'll upload a picture what I'm looking for. Let me know what you have and price i appreciate it
  12. Joshcole

    WTB surgeon SA mag bolt face

    Looking to buy a surgeon complete bolt in short action mag bolt face let me know what you have thanks
  13. Joshcole


    Looking for ingenuity gunworks rail system with Harris bipod mount
  14. Joshcole

    WTB 260 Ackley 40° shoulder reamer

    Looking for a 260 Ackley finishing reamer 40° shoulder let me know what you have thanks
  15. Joshcole


    I just got this on a trade but not gonna use it anytime soon some things came up gotta sell it. Remington 700 action been trued, believe its a heavy palma 25" 5/8x24 tpi using 180gr berger hybrids 3105fps has diamond tech primary trigger. Have 260 peices of brass come with 3 5 round mags Redding...
  16. Joshcole

    7 saum

    Looking to build a 7 saum go short action or long action. I have a surgeon 591 i can get the mag bolt for it and spin up a barrel Or go long action and start with the build from the ground up? Plan on using the 180gr begers or 180gr eldm.
  17. Joshcole


    I have a new stiller tac 338 repeater barreled action i got in a trade has base, lilja barrel 1/9 twist 1.350" with break asking $1600 for barreled action with break, i also have set of redding type s comp die set, whidden sizing die and also lee wilson seating die for arbor press, have 100...
  18. Joshcole


    I'm looking for a manners or McMillan with dbm 338 cip ... or a accuracy international chassis in long action for a Stiller tac 338. Let me know what you have thanks.
  19. Joshcole


    I have 3 aw 10 round mags i have no need for. Ga precision has slightly modified them polished down the rib inside the mag is all. Asking $150 for all 3
  20. Joshcole


    Looking for a .268 titanium nitride bushing let me know what you have thanks